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End 2021 Review - closing in to $700k net worth

I started prepping this post at the start of Dec. My initial draft indicated that I reached $700k net worth.

As the clock strikes 31 Dec 2021, despite my pay coming in, I've not reached this figure. 

I probably jinx myself by drafting too early. Back in early Nov, my net-worth was at $690k. I thought I would make it to $700k soon!

Alas, my net-worth fell due to lacklustre performance of my stocks and crypto. The only avenue that is growing is my CPF (thanks govt). If I had held cash massively like what I did in the past, maybe I'd have hit $700k net worth soon πŸ˜…

Here's a recap over the years:

Targets review:

  • Aim to achieve $650k net worth in 2021✅
  • Grow my stock portfolio to $200k value✅
  • Get to travel FAR in 2021❌
  • Have a kid❌
  • Be healthy and happy; likewise for my family✅

2021 Review

Here's a recap of what went by in 2021:


Net Worth

And something everyone is here for...the breakdown of my (close to) $700k net $690k.

Compared to 2020, my cash has been massively cut. I used to have $300k cash at my disposal. The joke is on me that despite having such cash, I failed to double or triple it like what fellow bloggers did. I dumped most into HK stocks, which is making me look silly. There's so many ifs - if I had gotten more SOL, more Luna when I started out my crypto journey. But hindsight is 20/20. 

The cash was channeled to stocks, crypto and SRS. New to the net worth chart are crypto and SRS. For the former, which I started only in Feb this year (see First foray into crypto via Gemini). Despite not doubling my investment, I'm sitting on 20-30% gains. Hopefully crypto doesnt drop further. For the latter, I've blogged about it here (see Finally set up my SRS account with Endowus (PS: $40 referral bonus till 31 Dec 2021 only))

In a span of 5 years, I grew my net-worth from $200k to  (close to) $700k in net worth. That's $100k on average/year. As such, I hope to continue this trajectory....and push it further - to grow another $150k and reach $850k by end of 2022.

Hopes and Goal for 2022

  • Aim to achieve $850k net worth in 2022
  • Bring my parents out for an overseas trip; if not make do with cruise trip
  • Grow crypto portfolio to 10% of networth
  • Material wants: buy a rolex and LV/chanel bag
Strategy: Keep $100k cash in FD, savings account as emergency; invest the rest

Note that I no longer talk about having a kid or anything relating to career. 

I've come to terms that not having a child is probably a form of blessing as whatever my husband and I earns are for our own keep. Life gets less complicated since I don't have a young dependent to watch over. Of course, I will miss out on the joy of being a parent, and I feel my parents are yearning for a grandchild, but if things don't happen, so be it. I will channel my thoughts and energy to living a simple life and just be contented with what I have.

As for career, I know it's funny to say this given that I have yet to reach my "career peak", but I find myself earning an amount proportionate for the efforts I put in. WFH has given me a good equilibrium. I do not wish to chase for promotion or higher pay because I will not be happy putting in a lot a lot more efforts and time (unless company give me higher pay for same amount of work?πŸ™ƒ). I rather maintain this income, and have time to breathe, and do simple investments on the side. After all, I am very clear that work is just a means. I've no interest in social interactions at work, and I aspire to retire at 40. 

Short-term goal

  • Reach $1m portfolio in stock + SRS + crypto by 2025
Strategy: To do so, I'd need to:
  • invest $5k per month for the next 4 years with at least 8% growth πŸ˜±
  • invest $4k per month for the next 4 years with at least 10% growth😱
  • invest $3k per month for the next 4 years with at least 12% growth 😱
Wish me luck!


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