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Reflections during vacation leave - Covid-19, new thoughts, new job?

I am on 1 day leave for an interview. But more on that later. Since I've the whole day to spare, I shall do some verbal vomit here. Covid-19 When we welcomed the start of a new decade, who would have known that within a month, there would be world-wide disruptions? Chinese New Year this year had a common talking point - Wuhan virus (as how we term it that time). Jokes were aplenty about how we need to be careful of everything from Wuhan. "Wash your hands ah, dont spread wuhan virus to me.", "where is this pork from? Wuhan ah?" etc. Later, WHO issued a change in name of the virus to Covid-19. As time pass, Singapore got hit with more and more cases. Everyone got more cautious. Although it has only be 1 month since CNY, it felt like we all grew a lot within this period. Some grew idiotic (you get what I mean), some grew racist, while some grew more empathetic and kind. It was also during this time that masks and hand sanitisers became the MUST get for eve