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Signs to leave a company

I can't proclaim I know it all. But after close to 10 years of work experience, I have my own reflections and thoughts about when it is time to pack you bags and leave a company.  1. When your boss doesn't like and understand you I've been blessed in my first job that my bosses likes me, a lot. I was given opportunities (though I felt stress) to do various projects, and I was given limelight. Even when I made mistakes, my bosses were empathetic. I am still young and learning, they said. I think age might have played a part. Because I was young, I was inexperienced, they were more forgiving. I was also less of a threat to them.  In my next role, I was half lucky. My bosses also like me and were rather kind to me. However, when there was a change in boss to someone just a few years older, things changed. She put on a fake front, and was difficult to engage. As I felt less respected, I was very open in showing my dislike for her as well.  In my current role, I was unlucky. I c

Tiq 3.60% 3-Year Endowment with min $5,000 savings

One year ago, I spoke about Tiq 3-year endowment plan at 1.62%. This time, they are rolling out a   3.60% 3-year endowment plan   with a minimum saving of $5,000! Who is this useful for? If you've max out your SSB and have spare funds, you may want to consider this You are ok to spare your funds for 3 years. The min amount to put in is $5k You are happy with their Guaranteed Maturity Benefit of 3.60% Death benefit where they pay "101% of your single premium upon your demise" is a bonus. Choy, I hope nobody gets this Registration What I love about tiq is their fuss-free and simple sign-up. You can refer to my past posts where I blogged about my "investment" into them. I treat these as an alternative savings plan with additional protection benefits! All you need is to visit  this

Oct updates - mixed of bad, good news and Endowus updates

I was hopeful that this month would be a good month, but an event scarred this. Work Last month, I started looking out for jobs aggressively.  Of the 4 roles that I went into 2nd round for, I managed to get 2 offers this month. Of which one was my top choice. I was elated and thought this was a good start to the month. It also heartened me that I am still of value in the job market as I successfully negotiated a higher package despite the current situation.  As I was pondering how to resign, when to resign, I got a shitty news from my company that scarred this month. It made clear to me the ugliest side of the company and the people and I'm glad I'm getting out of it. I hope things will go well for me and nothing screws up my new role. If not, I'd have to rely on my husband for a while. Expenses I haven't been saving much. Succumbed to buying a new iphone 14 pro despite getting the iphone 13 pro max last year. I thought I should treat myself for getting an offer. But on