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My Endowus Plan - Apr update

  If you're new, you can click on the SRS tag to see my past posts. Anyway, time for Apr updates. SRS With the recent dip (again), I've done my 4th transaction for 2022. The amount is split between Dimensional Global Core and Emerging Markets Large Cap. Jan: $3,060 Feb: $3,060  Mar: $3,060 Apr: $2,000 Instead of going in with another tranch of $3,060, leaving myself one last $3,060 bullet (and mind me, this is just Apr. We've plenty of months till end 2022), I decided to enter in with $2,000. This leaves me with $4120 left from my $15,300 pool. I'd still have room for 2 (or more) transactions this year. As I mentioned previously, I may have been too hasty in splitting up $15,300 SRS contribution to 5 transactions. I didn't know I'd enter so quickly haha. Because it seems that every month, there are dips to enter 😭 Amount pumped: $21,181 ( back in 2021, I've pumped $10,001 ) Results:  -3.76% CPF OA investment In Apr, I've made 3 transactions from my CPF

Topped up $656 cash to CPF MA and $0.15 cash back

Thanks to those who left comments in my earlier post. Appreciate all your kind words. Anyway, time flies and it's another year of insurance payment. I have been on NTUC Enhanced Income Shield Preferred hospitalisation insurance plan with plus rider for many years. Not cheap, but it's a must have for peace of mind. As part of yearly insurance renewal, my CPF MA was recently charged $656. Since I was previously at the MA ceiling of $66,000, I wanted to maintain this for both 4% CPF interest and to maximise my tax relief. You would have known by now that, each of us are able to top up a maximum of $8,000 per year for your self account to either MA or SA for tax relief. Mistake I made a mistake of topping up my Grab with UOB Absolute Amex (which gives 1.7% cashback), thinking I can use my grab to top-up to CPF. Turns out this loop has been cut. I already knew of this, but not sure why my pea brain still went ahead without double checking. Instead... I top up my CPF MA via Paynow t

Disorganised thoughts on my fertility journey

I've drafted, deleted, drafted, deleted my thoughts for the past years.  Thoughts on my fertility journey.  I was filled with angst each time I write and was worry of being judged. I feel nobody understands how I feel unless you're going through it. Tears were shed. Silent screams were made. After a few years, I decided to pen my disorganised thoughts down. Background I wanted to marry early and have kids before 30 but my plans were delayed by the lack of luck in securing a home. We bided and managed to secure a spot after 4 years. Since it was a balance flat, it was ready within 1.5 years. I may have used up my luck for this.  Long story short, we got married and stayed apart while we wait for our home to be completed and renovated. During this period, we tried on and off to no avail. I decided to go for fertility checks and thankfully, everything was positive. Pushed my husband to do his as well and it was fine. I was reaching 30. Making a child became a scientific experiment