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Jan 2020 - Surprising month of $$ Gains from Carousell, Shopback, Angbaos

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! This month is a surprising month of gains from 3 things: 1. Carousell 2. Angbaos 3. Shopback For Carousell, it was a surprising stroke of luck. In a short span of 20 odd days, we managed to earn $1018 from new and used goods 😛 For Angbao, it was surprising because I thought we'd be giving and not receiving. But, we still got $ from our parents and elder sibling 😛Granted we gave out more than we got back, but it does feel good to receive some hehe For Shopback, hubby managed to get around $150 cashback  😲mainly from our 11.11 purchases, of which we received $75 for our Amazon purchase OMG. On my end, I just cashed out $20 odd dollars from Lazada 11.11 purchases and policypal travel insurances! Do you know you can earn cashback from purchasing insurances via policypal ? Use "SAVEMONEY" in the promo code to receive 5% off your purchase! Hope we continue such good luck in earning side money!

Adulting starts. ~$2.2k Monthly Household Bills, Referral Codes (MyRepublic, Sembcorp, Circles Life) and $7k top-up to SA

My official adulting started when I moved into my own crib. Older folks will probably laugh at the Millennials. Yes, I won't dispute the fact that we have been well pampered by our parents. I know very well that despite not growing up in a middle-income family, my mum has spoilt us by doing practically everything for us. For that, I'm super grateful. So, with the move to my new home comes new responsibilities in the new year. Honestly, it hasn't been that bad living an independent life. Sure I dont get breakfast or hot meals prepared at every meal time, nor things get magically cleaned, I am getting used to this life. I guess that's because I'm not a stickler for super clean house (I can live with organised mess lol and have yet to unpack all my items HAHA), and I have modern gadgets to save my life, such as: robot cleaner to clean the floor everyday filtered water so there's no need to boil water instant hot water washing machine that's on when

Ending 2019 with extra $6,000 in CPF

One of the best feelings in the world is seeing more $ in my accounts. At the end of 2019, I received an extra $6,000 for my CPF. Total CPF stands at $140k. I intend to top up $7,000 into my SA this month for tax-relief purposes. Have you checked out yours yet? :)