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Shifting from CIMB Fastsaver to Singlife

In my earlier post , I shared the breakdown of my $300k+ cash with most of it parked in CIMB Fastsaver. That was because CIMB Fastsaver was giving out 1% interest without me having to jump through hoops. However, the rates have now revised downwards to an effective 0.825% . I was suddenly reminded that Singlife not only provides 2.5% for the first $10k, but also awards 1% for the next $90k. As such, I've decided to transfer up to $100k to Singlife.  I've been using Singlife for the past 2 months. However, I've only been putting $10k to receive the 2.5% interest which is 🤯 Each month, I look forward to seeing the interest generated. For the past 2 months, I've been getting $20.28 and $20.95....and withdrawing it out immediately LOL. The good thing about Singlife is you can withdraw and top up any time without penalty. It will also provide death benefit on your account value. It's really good money and I've even gotten my mum to sign! $10 referral If you are kee

New Goal - $600k cash by 35

I've been hitting my cash savings goal on target. First, it was $100k by 28 . I reached it at 25. Then, I set a goal to save another $100k by 28 . I reached it at 28. I didn't set similar goal for 30. But, what I set was to receive $1000 passive income per month (see my goals on the left side panel of my blog) . Back then, my thinking was to derive this passive income from stocks. However, my SGX portfolio is pretty pathetic - with $80k pumped in, my paper value is only at $60k with a dividend yield at 3.2%. I'm hoping to venture beyond local stocks through Tiger Brokers given it's low fees, and hopefully it'll spur my investment journey. If you're keen to join, pls use my referral link  please. I realised beyond income from stocks, I could derive income from other sources too  - where I receive around $600 to $1500 per month. Not too bad, but it is likely to drop since most of the income comes from high-interest savings account which banks are now cutting int

Tiger Brokers National Day Promo and virgin purchase of foreign stocks

Ever since I signed up Tiger Brokers to tap on the National Day Promo, it's low transaction fees spurred me to invest beyond local stocks.  Beyond it's low transaction fee and ease of use, I've received: $70 stock voucher to offset my stock purchase; 1 Commission free trading for US or HK stocks; 5 commission-free trading card to be used within 30 days Given that this is my first attempt to buy from Tiger Brokers, I've documented the help I used to make my transaction. It's actually simple. Here's my guide: Set up account and deposit SGD 1. Set up your account and top up SGD into your account. You can refer to my beginner's guide on how to do so here.   I topped up $10,001 to get a $70 stock voucher - on hindsight, I should have topped up $30,001 to get $100 stock voucher since withdrawal is fuss-free. Currency conversion from SGD to your preferred currency 2. Watch this video on how convert your SGD to foreign currency. In my case, I exchanged SGD to HKD. D