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My unhealthy WFH lifestyle

WFH has been wrecking up my mental and physical health. Here's how my day-day life looks like. Honestly, it's so predictable and standardised, I could type it down quickly. Weekdays My day starts at 7.30am - 8.20am vs 7 - 7.15am ages ago when I've to report in office.  Brush teeth, don't even comb hair (if there's no zoom), don't even change clothes or bathe, and plonk myself in front of my laptop. Start work at 8.30am - saw most colleagues offline - most of them only starts at 9am, #win Frowning as I see the number of emails and follow-ups; trying to clear each obstacle at a time so I'd left with 0 email at end day. Work, work, work until sometimes I forgot about lunch time, until Hubby knocks on the door and ask me - Today eat what? Lunch time Either dabao or cook some random unhealthy meals like maggie mee. Try to make it more healthy by adding broccoli. No, I dont do meal preps. No, despite having this lifestyle for the past 2 mont

My 8 sources to get $600 to $1,500 income each month (2020)

My goal by age 30 was to hit $1,000 passive income per month. Back when I set the goal, I was aiming targeting passive income from stocks alone. But alas, given my inactive stocks monitoring and purchase, it's really tough to hit that passive income. It is impossible at this stage for me to hit that goal, but I'll still work towards it. In any case, I'm 50% counting in interest gained, rebates/cashback and dividends. Since Jan 2020 to Apr 2020, I've been generating good returns. The breakdown is below. Jan $1,485.51 Feb $658.06 Mar $916.53 Apr $789.94 Total $3,850.04 What constitutes those returns you may ask? Taking March 2020 as an example, here's my frank sharing of the various sources of income: 1. Stock Dividends Showing the list of stocks I've in Mar 2020- yup, I'm heavy on REITS. Company Name Symbol Shares Amt CapitaR China Tr SGX:AU8U 5,000 180.5 EC World Reit SGX:BWCU 3,000 45.3 First Reit SGX:AW9U