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Milestone unlocked - >$200k stocks portfolio value

Back in Apr, I shared that I'm inching close to $200k portfolio value 3 months down, I have crossed $200k portfolio value, mainly due to recent cash injection to my Tiger Brokers account. Update on Tiger Brokers portfolio (~SGD$136k) In my previous post, I had ~9k USD paper gain.  As of today, with the bloodshed amidst the China tech stocks, and with a good majority of my Tiger portfolio holding their tech and bank stocks, I'm seeing negative . I will be frank that I had averaged down my Tencent stocks (mind you, the minimum transaction 100 shares) at HKD 470 on 27 Jul 2021. I should have been more patient, as the price dropped all the way to ~420 HKD within a few hours. That's ~SGD$880 paper losses pretty instantly haha. Here's the distribution of my stocks: Update on CDP portfolio (~SGD$85k) Since my start with Tiger Brokers, I've not bought any stocks directly via CDP/DBS vickers which I was using previously. Their fees are just too horrendous compared with Tiger

Pfizer covid-19 vaccine first shot done

Just so I can remember this "historical" moment. I've completed my first shot on 26 Jun. This was probably the earliest slot that I find at my CC. The wait While my slot was at 4.30pm, I reached ~4pm (thanks to gojek for the free ride😊). When I reached the CC, it was pretty packed. Queued for around 5-10 mins before we were ushered to sit down. The whole process was orderly, and everyone were patient. Seats were spaced apart in orderly manner and everyone was compliant. I think I only managed to enter the main hall for injection at around 5pm.  Registration Inside the main hall, I was ushered to the registration counter and passed my IC over for verification. They will ask if you are feeling ok and check if you have any known allergies. Once registered, I was surprised to know that I'd head over to the booths for injections. Thought I'd need to wait again. Booth for injection Inside the booth, the nurse would verify your identity and ask the same questions - whet