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Pfizer covid-19 vaccine first shot done

Just so I can remember this "historical" moment.

I've completed my first shot on 26 Jun. This was probably the earliest slot that I find at my CC.

The wait

While my slot was at 4.30pm, I reached ~4pm (thanks to gojek for the free ride😊). When I reached the CC, it was pretty packed. Queued for around 5-10 mins before we were ushered to sit down. The whole process was orderly, and everyone were patient.

Seats were spaced apart in orderly manner and everyone was compliant. I think I only managed to enter the main hall for injection at around 5pm. 


Inside the main hall, I was ushered to the registration counter and passed my IC over for verification. They will ask if you are feeling ok and check if you have any known allergies.

Once registered, I was surprised to know that I'd head over to the booths for injections. Thought I'd need to wait again.

Booth for injection

Inside the booth, the nurse would verify your identity and ask the same questions - whether you feel ok, or any allergies. She also mentioned that it is normal to feel soreness and slight fever. If it persists, see the doc. I wasn't really paying much attention to her because I couldn't really hear well in the hall.

She later asked where I'd like my injection on to which I mentioned my left. Lifted my sleeve up and OUCH. It wasn't a smooth injection because it did hurt. Though the process may seem quick, the time she jabbed and removed the injection felt like slow motion for me.

I felt soreness immediately and was praying I would not have any adverse reactions.

30 mins wait after jab

I was then ushered to the seats to wait for 30 mins.

Used my phone to pass time. Thankfully, no reactions except soreness.

Exit counter 

Once 30 mins is up, I was called to the exit counters where the staff asked if I was feeling ok. She mentioned some common effects that would happen after the jab, but I wasn't really listening oops. She later passed me a bag and that was it! 3 packs of masks and one bottle of hand sanitizer.

Very appreciative of their gestures but I've a few sanitizer and don't use much! I doubt I'll wear the masks either. Any idea where I can donate them to?


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