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End 2023 Review - So much has happened, but not much have changed. $819k net worth

Here's a recap of my finances over the years: 2016 -  Unexpected review of 2016: hitting $200k in net worth 2017 -  End 2017 review - net worth at $287k 2018 -  End 2018 review - net worth at $372k  2019 -  End 2019 Review - inching close to $500k net worth  (~$440k) 2020 -  End 2020 Review - net worth at $550k 2021 -  End 2021 Review - closing in to $700k net worth 2022 -  End 2022 Review - failing financial goal for the first time, $660k net worth 2022 wasn't a good year for me and I spoke about it  here . I summed up 2022 with: To sum up 2022: I paid tons of money on fertility treatments and embarked on the the most painful (physically, mentally and for my pockets) -  IVF . The worst? Seeing no result despite the money and efforts poured. Stocks, crypto crashed which means a beating on my net worth. Income received couldn't cover the losses. The best thing that happened was a new job, with a better compensation. I hope the 2023 recession won't affect my rice bowl. 20