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Starting my crypto journey via Gemini + Guide to Gemini

I'm late to the game. And yes, I've FOMO. The platform I am using is Gemini. I was searching for an easy to use, yet secure platform that can allow SGD transaction, instead of converting to USD.  Gemini was touted as the most secure platform that has never been hacked (hope I don't jinx it). It was founded by the Winklevoss twins (go google 😊) Also,  Gemini supports SGD where we can purchase crypto using SGD through FAST transfers. It helps that people I trust were using this platform too Anyhoo, here's my quick guide on how to set up (download the app or register via web browser. Both works). 1. If you are keen to kickstart your crypto journey, through a simple and user-friendly app, you can click on my referral link here . Upon your purchase/sales of USD$100 cryptocurrency, both of us will get USD$10 worth of bitcoin.  2. Upon clicking register now, you will be brought to this page. Key your details. 3. Later, sync your details via Singpass as verification step 4. A