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Value buys - Affordable household items and cleaning gadgets

With a new house to maintain and now that we are coop up at home, I've been getting more domesticated 😂 While I was running through my household chores, I thought, why not share the appliances and items I use everyday? P.S - not sponsored, but links below direct you to qoo10 where I purchase my items from. Robot cleaner - Roborock S5 I've previously shared  here  that robot cleaner is a LIFE SAVER.  For those who are going to move to a new house, please, get one. The one I'm using is Roborock S5 which has mopping function as well, though honestly, I don't find the mopping function good though cause it doesn't clean up much. But it does it's job sucking up all my long hair (LOL that my hubby kept complaining about seeing my hair all over. You guys don't see your hair cause it's short ok...) and keeping my floor clean from dust everyday.   It's really helpful for us who work from 8am to 6pm. Even WFH gives me no time to do househol

Benefits of WFH

<source pic in hyperlink> In the past, when I hear "circuit breaker", I'd link it to Science/Physics. Not anymore. People crudely calls it CB. Even before CB kickstart, my company had started implemented WFH - if you've no biz in office, don't go. And, I love it. I love staying home. And, it's CB Day 6 today. With a week of reflection plus past experiences, these are my personal benefits of WFH: 1. Wake up late/Extra sleeping time I now get to wake up at 8.20am, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and saddle myself on my chair and prep for work. 2. Save transport cost I always love telecommuting since it helps me save on my commute. That's around $2 savings a day of not taking the public transport to office! 3. Save lunch money and translate into groceries cost for hubby and I Eating in office costs way more because after half a day of angst at work, all of us crave for good food. And good food usually meant spending $15-$30 per mea