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In the past, when I hear "circuit breaker", I'd link it to Science/Physics.

Not anymore.

People crudely calls it CB.

Even before CB kickstart, my company had started implemented WFH - if you've no biz in office, don't go.

And, I love it.

I love staying home.

And, it's CB Day 6 today. With a week of reflection plus past experiences, these are my personal benefits of WFH:

1. Wake up late/Extra sleeping time

I now get to wake up at 8.20am, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and saddle myself on my chair and prep for work.

2. Save transport cost

I always love telecommuting since it helps me save on my commute. That's around $2 savings a day of not taking the public transport to office!

3. Save lunch money and translate into groceries cost for hubby and I

Eating in office costs way more because after half a day of angst at work, all of us crave for good food. And good food usually meant spending $15-$30 per meal.

Now, I get to translate that $15-$30 cost into groceries. And this amount could last my hubby and I a a week of home cook meal!

4. Spending more time with hubby 

While my hubby and I hole ourselves up in different rooms as we work, I really enjoy this time together. My hubby's company is not big on telecommuting, so this is a rare chance for him to work from home if not for CB.

I like that when I get so engrossed at work and forgot it's time for lunch, by the time I step out of my room, I've meals prepared for me, or I'd see my hubby cooking something for me.

5. More productive at work + Working longer hours, but at comfort of home

What I enjoy working from home is the lack of disturbance. When I'm in office, I get called around for meetings, colleagues or staff popped by my desk to seek queries and I've to attend to their needs. I still get msgs on and off when I'm at home, but I just type it out and direct them. Or, we'll just call each other to settle things. I think I clear stuff much quicker at home, than in office.

Granted I work longer hours than in office, but I could afford to do so as I no longer need to watch the time to catch the bus home, or make sure I have my dinner before 7pm. If I'm hungry, I could just whip something quick and munch at work. Once I'm settled with work, I'll call it a day and start cooking dinner.

6. Lesser laundry to wash = saving utilities bill

I usually wash my laundry once a week. With the removed need to don on work wear (hey! pyjamas at work!), that's 3-4 pieces less work-wear to wash EVERY DAY! I'm expecting to only wash the laundry once every 1.5 weeks. 

7. Lesser stress and frustrations

I think I've slightly lesser stress WFH.

Gone are the frustrations waiting for bus and seeing it cramped back, thus having to wait for the next; gone are the need to walk quickly to office and feeling angsty about the list of meetings I have to attend to; gone are the frustrations hearing colleagues complained about their workload or their furious typings; gone are the frustrations of not finding a seat for lunch and having to eat a quick meal so I can attend the next meeting.

Though I must say, I got frustrated by a new colleague's bootlicking antics via emails 🙄

People say this pandemic will create a new normal. Hopefully, the new normal will bring better change to all of us.


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