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2020 - the year I start investing proper. Sold SATS, Tesla going strong and earning $970 from stocks

Back in late Oct, I blogged about my reflections on building a 6 digits portfolio. It took me 7 years to finally starting investing proper as I've always been trying to accumulate cash and park it in savings account giving me ~2-3% interest. It was with sheer diligence and discipline that I amassed $300k  in Aug. My cash savings has since gone down as I started deploying cash into the market. Covid as an impetus to invest When Covid hit and the market started to turn south, I attempted to "invest". I bought SATS back in Mar when things were  starting  to get shaky. Not very smart since things went downhill after I bought it. I bought SIA during then too, at a high of $7+ đŸ˜‰interesting lessons Long story short, I've since sold my SATS stocks after it hit a 6 mths high. Sold it at $4.35 earning around $230. Not a bad 5% dividend considering I held it for less than a year. I couldn't fathom why the stock went up when situation still seem bleak. Good that I sold it as

11.11 itchy fingers and Alibaba stock

I didn't plan to buy anything on 11.11 because I didn't have anything to buy. I did jot down a few items but didn't plan it like how I did one year ago .  Back in 2019 11.11, I actually saved around $750 bucks but also blew $5.5k in a single day. HAHA! But at least that was for my new house. Despite having "nothing much to buy", I still browsed through taobao and carted a few items. Suddenly it turned midnight. With a swipe/refresh, my cart items were now heavily discount  đŸ¤‘ I just couldn't resist to press BUY. With 4 items in cart, I saved around 120 rmb (equivalent SGD$24). Beyond this savings, equivalent items sold in Singapore were probably x2-x3 more expensive. And that's why I love taobao #cheapdeals Despite Ant IPO falling through, I couldn't resist buying Alibaba stocks during the dip. Look at this record for 2020 11.11! Glad to be part of this although my purchases were meagre $ compared to others đŸ˜‚ And, I'm officially a shareholder of