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The $10 bet - Part 2

It's amusing to re-read my blogpost more than a year ago. Back then, I submitted my 3rd $10 bet. I akin it to TOTO because it's like striking lottery. If you're lucky, you'll get the place you desire (for some, it's literally worth a million-dollar ). If not, you'll just keep betting till you...someday, one day, hopefully, gets it. And I, one year down the road, am still betting on my chance. How interesting. I haven't realise how desperate I must have felt each time I got a rejection. One year down and I've already made 3 additional bets, all of which I didn't even get a number! I felt like a jilted lover every time I receive that heartless email from HDB which says Unfortunately, as your balloted queue position has far exceeded the flat supply, we regret to inform that your application has not been successful. I should have been luckier. After all, I applied numerous times under MCPS. Why didn't I get a number? Why didn't I