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Achieving $600k net worth at 30, and reaching CPF BHS of $63k πŸŽ‰

I blogged about crossing half a million net worth in Dec 2020 at $550k. Half a year later, I'm proud to announce that I am at $618k net worth. This is the following breakdown: These are the accounts I have: 1. CPF - OA, MA, SA MA - hit BHS of $63kπŸŽ‰ SA - 40% more to FRS OA - wondering if I should transfer excess of $20k to SA, but am also thinking of growing it for 2nd property. Thoughts from experts? 2. Stocks CDP - bleeding money Tiger Brokers - paper gain of $4k USD 3. Cash savings DBS Multiplier Standard Chartered Bonus$aver Singlife 4. Fixed Deposits Singapore Saving Bonds Etiqa Elastiq 5. Crypto Gemini - also bleeding money lol Net worth does not include insurance or flat value.  I kinda regret wiping my OA (kept $20k though) for my flat and making a lump sum cash payment for our mortgage. But what's done is done.  I may have been able to hit $186k FRS by end this year, and could have more cash on hand, but I doubt I will invest aggressively to get higher gains. Actions m

I've resigned

3 years ago, I blogged about my thoughts during my notice period here . 3 years down, I've resigned and am serving notice again. This time, the macro environment is a tad different. With WFH arrangements, the act of resignation was a bit weird YET it suited me well. Weird that I didn't have to meet the bosses f2f to pass the letter physically. However, I love it because it made my resignation simpler. I did stress out a bit thinking what I should say to my bosses before I send the resignation letter via email, but it was pleasant that I could wrap up the call within a short while without looking at their faces. I also like the fact that there is no need to meet colleagues/get confronted or asked questions that I don't wish to answerπŸ™„  You can probably tell, I don't like my bosses nor most of my colleagues.  That said, there were a few nice colleagues who reached out to me to congratulate me. Yes, congratulate! Seems like they aren't happy there as well :( Anyway, m