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I've resigned

3 years ago, I blogged about my thoughts during my notice period here.

3 years down, I've resigned and am serving notice again.

This time, the macro environment is a tad different. With WFH arrangements, the act of resignation was a bit weird YET it suited me well.

Weird that I didn't have to meet the bosses f2f to pass the letter physically. However, I love it because it made my resignation simpler. I did stress out a bit thinking what I should say to my bosses before I send the resignation letter via email, but it was pleasant that I could wrap up the call within a short while without looking at their faces. I also like the fact that there is no need to meet colleagues/get confronted or asked questions that I don't wish to answer🙄 

You can probably tell, I don't like my bosses nor most of my colleagues. 

That said, there were a few nice colleagues who reached out to me to congratulate me. Yes, congratulate! Seems like they aren't happy there as well :(

Anyway, my experiences serving notice 3 years ago and now felt the same. Whatever was done (or not done) and said (or not said), affirmed my decision to leave.

Here are my thoughts during my notice period:

1. Everyone is dying to leave the place

Since I joined the company, I've colleagues complaining about their work, the culture and how they wont stay long. Snorts. 

These people are still there. 

I realised those who kept saying they will quit will probably NEVER quit. #havefuncomplaining

2. People leave because of people

I had a few bosses and despite working for and with them for the past years, there were no show of concerns nor check-ins following my resignation call. Their lack of empathy and leadership were telling. That's back to my point on why I don't like my bosses. 

I don't think WFH is an excuse for them not checking in. My staff took the effort to write notes and bought me a gift for me to collect on my last day. That was really sweet. 

3. People turn into psychics

I don't like to share where I am heading next. My earlier experience proved my point - when I told my boss where I was heading to, she poured cold water and said the new place is messy and people play politics. I just smiled, thinking - how would you know if you didn't work there? As if this place isn't the same?

This time round, I didn't share where I am going. However, that did not stop them from gossiping about my intent to leave. People started becoming psychic and saying they could already guess it since I seemed jaded. 凸(¬‿¬)凸. I was especially triggered when I heard this from my bosses - if they felt I was jaded, what actions have they taken to motivate me? This just shows how shitty their leadership are.

4. I need to leave for better opportunities in the future

Gone are the days of staff staying put in one organisation till retirement. Besides getting better remuneration, my new job will propel me to more opportunities in the future. If I stay put, other than trying out other portfolios, I don't think I'll have much to shout out or showcase during interview. My perspectives would be restricted. However, my new job will open my eyes to different practices and approaches to doing things, different networks, even if my job scopes are similar. 

That said, I don't encourage job hopping i.e changing jobs within 1 year as it shows a lack of resilience. 

Lastly, my desire to stop working is now stronger. And I attribute it to the hypocrisy of people.

I don't think I will be happier in the new workplace. I suppose the same shit will happen. After all, corporate environments are all the same.

Right now, the silver lining is the flexibility to WFH which meant reducing social interactions with others, and I hope my organisation can retain this flexibility.


  1. Your sentence in bold resonates.
    Sick & tired of all the corporate bullshit & rat race.
    Curious, what industry/job role are u in?

  2. 90% of people who resigned are due to problem with bosses and colleagues, 10% resigned due to problem with their work. Human are social animals.

  3. All the best in your future endeavors. Am sure you will meet some good colleagues along the way.
    Stay positive especially in current situation.


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