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Crossroad: Take up new job, or plan for motherhood?

I've been with my current company for close to 3 years. I wasn't happy because it felt toxic. Colleagues are not kind, but I also reckon I'm not here to make friends. I've been telling myself - my main aim is just to bring home the dough. Since late last year, I've been applying for roles as and when I see suitable ones. I won't say I'm actively looking since I'm not dying to leave my current workplace.  Anyway, I decided to refresh my memories on my job hunts previously. It was nice to read back my thoughts over the years: - Back in  2016,  I was fretting over a job interview. I still remembered I was peeved with the hiring manager who could not conduct the interview properly. Maybe I should have flag them to TAFEP. -  2018  was the year I actively search for a new job. Interestingly, I got  a role pretty quickly  and accepted the role in the end.  Bade adieu  to my old workplace and joined the new organisation.  Didn't have a smooth start in the ne

Top-up error in Gemini and how it was resolved

I shared about my foray into crypto earlier  using Gemini . In my post, under Point A2, I mentioned that I've tied my POSB savings account to Gemini. Unfortunately, due to my carelessness, I had accidentally transferred money from my DBS account to Gemini. Given that my DBS account was not verified/registered with Gemini, my $ was stuck. No wonder it felt weird that I did not see the top-up in my Gemini account despite a few hours wait. This post is for the fellow kukus who made the same mistake as me - pls raise a ticket/help through the app. How it was resolved Feeling anxious, I dropped an email via the app support informing of the error.  I received an email from Gemini 6 working days later (yes, it's a long wait) informing me of the following: All SGD transfers are handled by Xfers, our SGD transfer partner. It appears that the bank account you’ve used for the SGD FAST payment transfer was not linked to Gemini. To facilitate the fund transfer from Xfers to Gemini,  there