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Inching close to $200k stocks portfolio value. Free Disney stock for new Tiger Brokers holders

I had a few goals set (see left panel of my blog).  Some were unattainable, some came to fruition by time, effort and perhaps, luck. My newest goal was to hit $200k stocks portfolio value this year.  It took me 7 years to start investing proper. I used to be a mega saver. The pic below was my cash savings milestone. I think I did a great job in saving those amount! I mean, $300k cash at 30 pretty crazy. I even set a goal to save $600k by 35 . But I got woke.  I needed my money to work better. I saved through employment but I don't wish to be tied down by my job. I aim to stop working at 40. How I wished I started my investing journey earlier so I can quit now.  It was through  Tiger Brokers  that made investing easier to access foreign markets PLUS it is cheaper. I no longer have $300k cash. In fact, I'm trying to reduce it to $100k cash - and pile the rest into the market. As of today, I'm hitting close to $200k portfolio across Tiger Brokers and my CDP. Honestly,

Crossroad: Take up new job, or plan for motherhood?

I've been with my current company for close to 3 years. I wasn't happy because it felt toxic. Colleagues are not kind, but I also reckon I'm not here to make friends. I've been telling myself - my main aim is just to bring home the dough.

Since late last year, I've been applying for roles as and when I see suitable ones. I won't say I'm actively looking since I'm not dying to leave my current workplace. 

Anyway, I decided to refresh my memories on my job hunts previously. It was nice to read back my thoughts over the years:

- Back in 2016, I was fretting over a job interview. I still remembered I was peeved with the hiring manager who could not conduct the interview properly. Maybe I should have flag them to TAFEP.

2018 was the year I actively search for a new job. Interestingly, I got a role pretty quickly and accepted the role in the end. Bade adieu to my old workplace and joined the new organisation. Didn't have a smooth start in the new workplace, met toxic colleagues who thankfully left, and am now settling in pretty ok as a senior in the team. 

- 2019 - complained about work, but also needed time to settle and prove myself here. 

- 2020 - planned to find new opportunities but Covid struck

- 2021 - I think I can continue to cruise in my current role since I am mostly WFH, but I am also eager to jump to a more established company to prove my worth. 

By stroke of luck, I got an offer...from a tech firm. 

However, the offer is the similar to what I was drawing. I thought tech firms can pay, or maybe I'm earning on par with market rate? 😅

I'm at a crossroad where I'm not sure if I should take the plunge. If the offer was much higher than my current drawn, I'd be tempted to make the switch. However, with compensation being similar, yet potential workload and stress higher, I'm not sure if it will be worth to take on this job....even if I'm treating it as a stepping stone.

The main pull factor is the brand name of the organisation and it will definitely leave a good mark in my resume. I'd also likely have other companies knocking on my doors opening up more opportunities.

BUT, I'm planning for motherhood as well, and while I cannot control the success of it, I'm worried I'd cause myself stress (increase infertility). What if I get pregnant in the new organisation? 

My husband wasn't that encouraging. He said I'm not ambitious anyway. Why do I need to prove my worth and go to a new place that is definitely going to be more stressful? 

In any case, it is good to have an option. I feel like my offer made me more confident. It does stroke my ego that I'm good enough to join an established company. 

I will likely take up the new offer. 

In the worst case scenario, if I cannot adapt to the new environment, I will resign. Good thing I have some cash buffer to cover my liabilities if I quit without a job. 🤭


  1. Thanks to Alvin for your comments. Sry the earlier post had issues so I had to repost your comment:

    "Hello, Thought I'll share with you my 2 cents worth. Just like you, I felt burnt out and unmotivated in my previous job and decided to move on. Unfortunately, covid struck and my plans were severely affected. But along the way came new opportunities and I decided to take up and seek new experiences and make new friends. I think you're at a crossroad - staying in your comfort zone with your current job or accept the new offer despite similar remuneration and salary. Personally I would accept the new offer with an open mind to learn and develop myself. You never know what opportunities will come your way and it'll be a pity to remain contended by staying in your current job and missing out. And on the topic of planning for parenthood, I think you shouldn't worry about the stress and workload in your new workplace. While you plan for motherhood, continue to find opportunities to network, develop yourself and discover your hidden talent and potential; it'll be easier to adapt to the new firm and discover passion and interest in the things you do. Naturally, the rest will take its own course. Good luck!"

    Thank you for your encouragement! 😊


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