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Sep updates - finding new jobs, loaded up SRS + OA on Endowus

This month has been rather unpleasant. 2022 probably isn't a good year for me. I look at my past posts and it's generally negative. Perhaps the macro environment affected me personally. Work I was complaining last month that I've subscribed to quiet quitting. Due to some changes at work, it made me see things clearer - that my boss sucks, the role is not gaining me any skillsets, and I need to move. So I started applying for jobs. Rather aggressively. So far, I've submitted 26 applications, got called up for 5 and got into 2nd round for 4.  I wonder if I should wait for my end year bonus. But I'm also doubtful whether I'd get any bonus. I don't feel my boss appreciates my work enough and I may well get 0.  However, I figured I should just see what leads me and decide one step at a time. It doesn't seem to be a good time to find jobs now. What's more, I've been hearing layoff news and this means the job market will be inundated with younger unempl

Health thoughts, costs and other matters

It's the time of the month...the ladies would understand. Every month, I'd get bad cramps which makes me breathless, giddy and helpless. It's during such periods of sickness that I have morbid thoughts - what if I drop dead and die? How can I avoid such pains? Why do I have to suffer like this? Can I just remove my womb? It's also during such times that I pause to think about my health. I start to think I need to exercise more, eat better, treat myself better, and take care of my health. When I'm my usual self, I don't bother much with such thoughts. Anyway, for the first time in my 30+ years of life, I've started a bid to get pregnant. I wonder how long and how much more I have to spend. Getting pregnant is not an easy task for me. After the TCM consultation, I know I've a lot of issues to tackle. I've poor sleep, poor appetite, frequent back aches, frequent cramps, cold feet and arms, poor blood circulation, poor digestion. All the

Trust cards are here and what I've redeemed 😊

Look what came in my mailbox today! Presenting 2 versions of Trust card - one for NTUC Union member and the blue trust card for non-member Honestly, I could do without the cards as we've stored the digital card in our apple wallets. What we've redeemed Anyway, we've redeemed our FREE 1kg rice - which was tough to find btw. Take note that this voucher expires first and you need to click "Coupon" at self-check out counter and scan barcode to redeem . Also, our FREE kopitiam breakfast set. The auntie was very kind and allowed me to  top up 20 cents for milo. All you need to do is to go to your coupon, click "Redeem", key in the code that the staff tells you and show it to them. Take note the voucher expires 31 Oct 2022 and the set is only available before 11am #fortheearlybirds I've also redeemed my sign-up reward of $10 fairprice e-voucher for my grocery shopping! At the self checkout counter, click “All Other Payments” and scan your voucher's barc

Registration steps for Trust Bank App and how to unlock Fairprice e-vouchers, chance to win a Tesla and other vouchers!

It's been long since I saw so much hype in the blogosphere given the sour macro environment. After reading a few articles and realising the perks without doing much, I decided to sign up for a Trust account. Read on for more about the perks! PS: easy, $35 fairprice e-vouchers combined, 1kg rice, free breakfast set at kopitiam, chance to win Tesla and more! Registration steps Sign-up was fuss free. Here're the steps: Download the Trust Bank app - you can head to this link to scan the QR code  or scan from the above image Click "Use referral code" to get $10 Fairprice e-voucher. You can use your friends or mine i.e  AP1PJBRK   if you don't have a code. 😊  Upon entering the referral code, you will see this page 3. Click "Apply for savings account"  4. Sign up using "myinfo" and it will extract info from your Singpass. 5. Some of the information you need to key in are Employment Type, Name of Employer, Nature of business, Job Title , whether you a