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I bought the dip for crypto and stocks

Crypto Back in Feb, I shared about my foray into the crypto world here . The only platform I'm using is Gemini (you can refer to my  guide  and  referral link ) In just a short 3 months, the volatility of the market has been insane. I started off with only hundreds. As the prices went up, I bought more thinking it will rise higher. My portfolio then reached thousands. And then it dropped. I shan't act brave, but my eyes widened each time I opened my app. 1 month back, I was at 20% paper gains, but today, I am at negative.  Despite that, I see this as a good time to DCA. That said, ironically when the crypto market tanked a few days back, I couldn't enter gemini due to system error. My husband faced the same for binance as well. I currently hold only BTC and ETH. My husband has been more adventurous to hold a lot more alt coins and his portfolio is a 5 digit figure. I am actually glad that he is taking steps to invest as he isn't keen on managing his money. Not that I am