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I've resigned

3 years ago, I blogged about my thoughts during my notice period here . 3 years down, I've resigned and am serving notice again. This time, the macro environment is a tad different. With WFH arrangements, the act of resignation was a bit weird YET it suited me well. Weird that I didn't have to meet the bosses f2f to pass the letter physically. However, I love it because it made my resignation simpler. I did stress out a bit thinking what I should say to my bosses before I send the resignation letter via email, but it was pleasant that I could wrap up the call within a short while without looking at their faces. I also like the fact that there is no need to meet colleagues/get confronted or asked questions that I don't wish to answer🙄  You can probably tell, I don't like my bosses nor most of my colleagues.  That said, there were a few nice colleagues who reached out to me to congratulate me. Yes, congratulate! Seems like they aren't happy there as well :( Anyway, m

I bought the dip for crypto and stocks


Back in Feb, I shared about my foray into the crypto world here. The only platform I'm using is Gemini (you can refer to my guide and referral link)

In just a short 3 months, the volatility of the market has been insane. I started off with only hundreds. As the prices went up, I bought more thinking it will rise higher. My portfolio then reached thousands.

And then it dropped.

I shan't act brave, but my eyes widened each time I opened my app. 1 month back, I was at 20% paper gains, but today, I am at negative. 

Despite that, I see this as a good time to DCA. That said, ironically when the crypto market tanked a few days back, I couldn't enter gemini due to system error. My husband faced the same for binance as well.

I currently hold only BTC and ETH. My husband has been more adventurous to hold a lot more alt coins and his portfolio is a 5 digit figure. I am actually glad that he is taking steps to invest as he isn't keen on managing his money.

Not that I am great either because I accumulate my wealth mostly through employment/savings, not investments. But, we are taking baby steps.

PS - If you are keen to kickstart your crypto journey, do consider signing up for Gemini via my referral link here where we'll each receive $10 BTC. Thanks in advance.


Back in Jan, I mentioned I had doubled my stocks portfolio in Tiger brokers to $70k.

Other than deploying my warchest towards crypto, I have been accumulating more tech stocks and REITS. Since Jan, I've pumped $50k into the following:

- Tencent 

- PA Good Doctor

- Nvidia

- Coupang

- Lion-OCBC Sec HSTech

- Ascendas

- Keppel DC

All through Tiger Brokers. They are now offering 1 Starbucks stock for new joiners. You may refer to my post back in Aug 2020 on the beginner guide to set up the account.

If you are keen to receive the free share and use Tiger Brokers , kindly use my referral link, or scan the QR code to sign up😊 

Lastly, 600k in net worth soon.

In Dec 2020, I celebrated crossing $550k in networth. I am estimated to hit $600k networth in Jun.

I look forward to sharing this via a new post soon!💪


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