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End 2020 Review - Crossing half a million net worth at $550k

Since I started blogging here in 2016, I have been doing my own financial review and reflections at the end of the year. It is timely to think about the good and the bad that came and pass.

Here's a recap over the years:

I read back again at what happened in 2019 and am so glad I managed to EXPEND ALL MY VACATION LEAVE and travel to 17 cities. Who would have known that I couldn't even go to JB for my usual shopping in 2020? 

Back in 2019, I set very generic goalsπŸ™„. I supposed since I have already secured a flat of my own, I have already met my basic needs. Goals like aiming for promotion at work is something that I don't really crave because I prefer NOT to have the stress that comes with it. Here's what I wished for 2020 and whether they came true:
  • Build my little family - ❌failed
  • Treat family well + treat them during overseas outing Half ✅Half ❌I tried to squeeze in dining treats and angbaos (practical stuff for traditional parents), but couldn't fulfil any travel plans due to Covid
  • Be positive and have more confidence - this is so lame. I don't know what I was thinking when I wished for this. I probably had a lot of negative thoughts - mostly due to work. Now that I rarely see colleagues f2f, the negative thoughts reduced quite a bit. but I still lack confidence :P
  • Continue to pray for less stress at work and take things easy - ✅I am taking work easy, but at the start of WFH, it was darn stressful having to cope with the changes and making sure ops and processes can still run smoothly virtually
  • Stay healthy and happy! - ✅I'm super contented with the WFH arrangements and glad that I've been pretty healthy (despite poor food intake in exchange for convenience, and super sedentary lifestyle)

2020 Review

Here's a recap of what went by in 2020:

Net worth

Likely the most interesting topic of this post.

Can I say I'm half a millionaire already? πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

This is the breakdown of my $550k networth. I'm still heavy on liquid cash, but have progressively build up my stocks portfolio to a 6 digits figure. This is not including my >half a mil apartment:

Hopes and Goal for 2021

  • Aim to achieve $650k net worth in 2021
  • Grow my stock portfolio to $200k value
  • Get to travel FAR in 2021
  • Have a kid
  • Be healthy and happy; likewise for my family


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