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Lucky day - Google Pay me $6.59 for my $10 transaction!

If you've not heard of Google Pay, I've blogged about this previously where I shared I've earned closed to $70 in Jul.I've previously shared that the Google Pay promo will end in Jul but it is still ongoing. Since Jul till now, I've gotten extra $10+ from my weekly $10 transfers to my family. Earlier, Google Pay was only available for OCBC users. Now that I've closed my OCBC accounts (story for another day), I'm glad that DBS has now partnered Google Pay!And just today, I received $6.59! Is it my lucky day today? ๐Ÿ˜This sure is a booster for dull Monday!If you've not signed up for Google Pay, use my link to get $5 reward!
Sign up for your Google Pay with my link here using mobile browserYou'd be brought to the app store to download the Google Pay app or key in the referral code 6l6aa70Link your OCBC/DBS account to Google Pay To receive the $5 reward, make a minimum $10 transfer to any of your family or friends to get $5 reward! Simply get them to dow…

USD110 profit from Tesla in 5 days and Standing by $100k for stocks deployment

As mentioned in my previous posts, I am now diversifying out to foreign stocks via Tiger Brokers. 

Within 1-2 months of account opening, I had pumped in SGD$40k in HK, US and local stocks. As I mentioned in my previous post, there are some merits of using Tiger Brokers to buy SG stocks due to the lower fees - the only thing is it's not stored in my CDP, which I'm fine with.

On HK stocks, within just 1 week of my purchase (yup, I pumped money within a span of 2 days), the value has fallen and I'm sitting on ~SGD$3k losses.

USD110 profit from Tesla in 5 days

For US stocks, the volatility of their market makes trading exciting and scary. When I bought Tesla at $395, it went down to $340. And the following day, it rose up to $428. I wanted to test out how it's like to sell stocks, and it was easy. The only problem was, I didn't manage to sell at the profit I wanted ๐Ÿ˜”

The profit is now sitting in my account waiting for my next purchases.

I'm not advocating any stocks to buy as I'm only a novice. I'm sure people would have gotten an even better profit from their trades, but at least I'm starting somewhere....

Rethinking my financial strategy

Which is why it got me thinking about my financial strategy.

Was I too conservative? 

While I managed to amass $300k cash before I hit 30, I have also been thinking about lost time and opportunity. Could I have been generating more passive income if I had diligently invest 7 years ago?

As of today, I've pumped in $111k in stocks, sitting on $23k paper losses. 

Standing by $100k for stocks deployment

I've been thinking about deploying another $100k cash into the market. Let's just hope I don't think and think and miss the boat again.

I will keep a $100k cash as a safety net.

It sure feels good to have disposable cash to deploy. 


If you are keen to use Tiger Brokers and you'd like to receive stock vouchers to offset your stocks purchases, kindly use my referral link (click link) and/or enter code (SBSL8) or scan the QR code to sign up๐Ÿ˜ŠI will receive stock vouchers depending on how much you have topped up for your first deposit.

As of today (30 Sep 2020), a top up of $30,000 (instead of $30,001 previously) will grant you a $100 stock voucher to offset your purchase. Do note that the stock voucher is only given for the FIRST top-up. So you may want to think carefully how much first deposit you'd like to put in.

You may wish to read link on how to set up: 


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