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Achieving $300k cash before the clock hits 30

When I first started blogging (cue the first blog post), I set myself a goal to save $100k by 28.
$100k cash, excluding CPF.
I achieved this at 25.

I even thought my $100k would drop downwards after paying for flat, reno, kids. But who would have known that my chance to get a flat would only happen at 27, and my savings grew and grew?

$200k at 28
At 28, I hit $200k cash savings. It took me 3 years to grow another $100k. 
If not for the fact that I've been topping up $14k annually to mum and my CPF RA/SA, spendings on wedding, house related stuff and frequent holidays, I would have much more cash on hand. But, that can't be real, that's not living - those money have to be spent.

If not for the fact that I've pumped $80k over the past 7 years into stocks, of which the paper value is now only at $60k+, I'd been $80k "richer". The converse could be said if I've great investment capabilities to grow $80k to $100k 🙃

As I edge closer to 30 ⏰, I've ano…

Update on ELASTIQ - guaranteed 2.02% p.a. for the first 3 years

I've previously shared my purchase of the ELASTIQ plan here where I purchased the minimum amount at $5,000.

Happy to provide some updates on the plan and the ease of tracking my interest online!

Via the tiqconnect web, I was able to see a clean, user-friendly and straightforward webpage showing the interest credited to me on the first month, just like an ibanking page :P

I'm considering topping up more money for them to grow at 2.02% interest. Furthermore, it is stated that
"Top-up or withdraw from your account without penalty or interest claw back 90 calendar days after policy issue date" This can probably act as another savings account for me to grow my cash. Will definitely keep this plan for the first 3 years!

As mentioned previously, I only took 10 mins to sign up for the plan.

If you are interested, key in R104346 under referral code and you'll get Etiqa eWallet credits worth 0.5% of policy’s premium value ($25 credits for a $5,000 plan) as a sign-up gift …