Pumped $15k within 6 days and roller coaster ride in the stock market

My husband sent me an apt graph on whatsapp.

This is so me.
In just 1 week, I pumped $15k into blue chips and REITs. I was going to buy more, but the platform hanged on me. 
Within a few hours, stocks started rebounding and I didn't bear to enter the market!
As of now, my portfolio is down by 14%, but thank god I wont lose sleep over this!

1M50 Couple Goal and 1M65 Individual Goal - am I on track?

You would likely have seen 1M65 if you are following up on personal finance posts/blogs.If this concept is new to you, you can watch a video here:

Essentially, this concept meant the following (extracted from dollarsandsense) At around 30 years old, both husband and wife puts $130,000 each into their CPF SA and MA. The prevailing CPF SA and MA interest rate of 4% compounded over time will grow the couple’s combined CPF balances to over $1 million when they retire at 65 years old. I was really intrigued by his latest post that I decided to do my own calculation.

Given my laziness and constant daydreaming to not work, I really wish to retire at age 50. That's ~20 years more (yes yes, I am very old liao), which is why I'm aiming for 1M50.

Am I on track?

It seems to be so.

With my past 5 year efforts to pump $7k/year into SA and one time top-up to MA (psst, I will hit BHS this year), my SA and MA now stands at $125k.

1M50 Couple Goal In order to achieve 1M50, these are what I need t…

Reflections during vacation leave - Covid-19, new thoughts, new job?

I am on 1 day leave for an interview. But more on that later. Since I've the whole day to spare, I shall do some verbal vomit here.
Covid-19 When we welcomed the start of a new decade, who would have known that within a month, there would be world-wide disruptions?

Chinese New Year this year had a common talking point - Wuhan virus (as how we term it that time). Jokes were aplenty about how we need to be careful of everything from Wuhan. "Wash your hands ah, dont spread wuhan virus to me.", "where is this pork from? Wuhan ah?" etc.

Later, WHO issued a change in name of the virus to Covid-19.

As time pass, Singapore got hit with more and more cases. Everyone got more cautious. Although it has only be 1 month since CNY, it felt like we all grew a lot within this period. Some grew idiotic (you get what I mean), some grew racist, while some grew more empathetic and kind. It was also during this time that masks and hand sanitisers became the MUST get for everyone. H…

2019 Combined Net Worth - $1,200,000

I've always been tracking my net worth on a monthly basis. It gives me a sense of satisfaction and security seeing my $ increase :) 
In terms of net worth, these are what I count towards: - Liquid cash: refers to $ parked in savings account. - Fixed Deposits - CPF - Stock holdings

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