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End 2019 Review - inching close to $500k net worth

This year flew by quickly again and I'm one year older, but don't feel wiser. I feel more negative and jaded, especially relating to work. Now that I have my own house, all I want to do is stop work and nua at home haha Reading back  last year's post  made me think - last year was pretty exciting. I like how I can read back on the little achievements I noted down on this blog. I'll use last year's post as a guide on what to blog about. Key things that happened this year: - Travelled overseas for work ✌️ - Travelled to 17 cities. Officially the most travelled year of my lifetime. Probably not able to beat ever - Caught the Northern Lights - Own my first property at a prime location But the most important thing I wanted this year did not happen. Oh well, hopefully next year will be better! On to my  Goals in 2018  and the Reality in 2019 Stay healthy and happy -  ✅I guess. Have a little piglet in 2019 -  ❌disappointment month after month Travel to Europe