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Year of the Dragon - believing things will be better

Happy Lunar New Year! How has everyone spent their lunar new year?  On the first day of LNY, I woke up early to catch the sunrise, soaked in the sunlight and prayed for a good year. This LNY has been rather peaceful for me, as with the past few years - I was done with visiting on the first day, works well for my introverted personality. I confess I'm not an approachable aunt - I don't actively reach out to the younger relatives - I have no clue what to say; small talks are just not for me. So far, the start of the dragon year has got me checking off a few superstitious acts, just to make myself feel better for the new year. As I mentioned in my previous blog posts , my job is getting shaky again. I have no clue if my role will be affected, neither do I have inertia to find a new role; there's too many companies that I feel uneasy heading to.  Next, I thought I'd be celebrating the new year with a pregnancy. Alas, my fifth ivf transfer failed. It's draining my energy