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Too many things to buy, but not enough bullets

As someone who held massive cash (in proportion to my networth) previously, it feels scary to see that I'm running out of cash. For context, just 1 year ago back in Aug 2020, I talked about having $300k CASH before reaching 30 and the breakdown is here. Few days after I posted, I came upon Tiger Brokers (see my guide and referral here)  and have invested heavily since. I grew my Tiger Brokers portfolio from $0 to $28k (one month later)  to $70k (five months later)  to $95k (eight months later)  to $136k (eleven months later)  to $170k now (1 year 3 mths later). And unfortunately, I am sitting on paper losses amounting to close to $9,000 now 🙃as a bulk of my portfolio is in HK/China stocks ðŸ™ƒðŸ™ƒðŸ™ƒðŸ™ƒðŸ™ƒI'm the donkey. I've depleted more than half of my CASH warchest just on stocks alone. I also started my crypto journey in Feb this year.  From $0 to close to $30k capital pumped. Though the good news is I'm seeing gains of around 20-30%. Not an amazing feat compared to pe

Part 5 - Happy news on CRO and Ruby Card

Ever since WFH, I haven't been suffering from Monday blues as much. I guess I only hate Mondays because I need to step into the office. Anyway, happy news to share. Firstly, congrats to those who signed up for account when I posted about it (search my blog for tags). Back then, I shared about their amazing sign-up promotion where you'd get SGD$100 CRO coins back with SGD$100 deposited.  If you've signed up when I spoked about them in Part 1-Part 4 of my posts, you'd have seen good % increase on your CRO token! Personally, my CRO coins have now > doubled! As of writing, the price has reached ATH. However, because these are staked, I can't cash any profits out, but it feels good to see the price appreciation!😬 Secondly, belated news but I've gotten my Ruby Metal Card! This is actually my 2nd metal card, the first being SCB X card that I signed 2 years back. As of now, I've only used my card for transport to get back 2% cas

I just dug deeper into the crypto rabbit hole

<pic from google images> I just dug deeper into the crypto rabbit hole. I started the journey just in Feb this year, starting off with Ge mini where I earned free US$10 in BTC lol. It took me 6 months to pump in more money in Aug and decided to generate interest on my coins via Hodlnaut and received a US$20 signup bonus. Thereafter, within the month, I set up another staking account with Celsius where I gained 8.88% APY on stablecoins and received US$50 BTC reward on US$400 staked. In the same month, I signed up for Cakedefi because I was lured by the 88.9% APY.  In Sep, I registered for the account given it's attractive promotion of SGD100 in CRO coins . Psst, it's recent run-up has been giving me quite a good % gain ðŸ˜Š Now in Nov, within just these few days, I ventured beyond buying coins from the CEXs. I transferred, swapped/bought new coins sitting in my crypto wallet. I gambled and got my first meme coin. I participated in my first liquidity pool at 377% A

Maximising my $10,001 SRS top-up with Endowus

In my previous post, I blogged that I've finally set up my SRS....with DBS.  While there was a hiccup i.e my SRS account was missing from ibanking page and app, it was resolved after a few days. No apologies from DBS - they just told me to rest assure that my $10k is intact. It better be. Anyway, now that the issue is resolved and I finally have access to my SRS account number, I needed to maximise my SRS money. As explained by this Seedly post,  " you’ll  need to invest your SRS funds  in order to minimally beat inflation and grow that fund for your retirement." Their table also shows the list where you can park your funds.  I'm not keen to use my SRS on bonds, ETF, FDs, REITS, shares as I already have these investments using my cash. I wanted my SRS to take a separate investment route and decided that robo-advisor was my best choice. As such, I decided to sign up an account with Endowus. Why Endowus I shan't explain who/what Endowus is as you can google it.  My