I just dug deeper into the crypto rabbit hole

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I just dug deeper into the crypto rabbit hole.

I started the journey just in Feb this year, starting off with Gemini where I earned free US$10 in BTC lol.

It took me 6 months to pump in more money in Aug and decided to generate interest on my coins via Hodlnaut and received a US$20 signup bonus.

Thereafter, within the month, I set up another staking account with Celsius where I gained 8.88% APY on stablecoins and received US$50 BTC reward on US$400 staked.

In the same month, I signed up for Cakedefi because I was lured by the 88.9% APY. 
In Sep, I registered for the Crypto.com account given it's attractive promotion of SGD100 in CRO coins. Psst, it's recent run-up has been giving me quite a good % gain 😊

Now in Nov, within just these few days, I ventured beyond buying coins from the CEXs.

I transferred, swapped/bought new coins sitting in my crypto wallet.

I gambled and got my first meme coin.

I participated in my first liquidity pool at 377% APY currently.

With money that I hope not to lose, but can afford to. In return, other than hoping for good gains down the road, I gained guts and experiences to venture more! 

It's mind blowing. Plus scary with every transaction - each transfers make me worry that the addresses are keyed in wrongly, or somehow something screws up mid-way and I don't know what's wrong. After all, if there's a mis-step, I'd incur hefty fees or lose my money.

Speaking of hefty fees, I made a stupid mistake. In order to buy new coins, I keh kiang and transferred USD from Gemini to DBS hoping to transfer elsewhere again. Stupiak! I was charged a $10 transaction fee. I was too reckless. 

I was upset for a while, but no point crying over spilt milk. Hopefully whatever I bought can recoup back the fees many times in years to come....

Allow me to share more on what I bought only when I feel ready. Because right now, I'm just whacking and trying out stuff to understand what's going on 🤭

*pats my own back*


  1. DeFI's APYs are just a whole new ballgame. Take a look at Olympus DAO and its forks such as Wonderland


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