signup - free US$25 referral + SGD100 CRO promo (till 22 Sep 2021)

Exclusive for SG users from 6 Sep till 22 Sep 2021, is giving the first 100,000 new users promo bonus of SG100. You can read more here:

Given their current attractive offer, I decided to sign up for an account using a referral link to maximise the rewards received (both referral reward of US$25 and SGD$100 Mid-Autumn promo), since sign-up bonus can only be taken once. 

PS: as with all crypto-related investments, risks applies. Pls DYODD!

If you're all ready to sign up, here's a quick guide.

Registration guide

1. Click on my referral link and you'd be brought to a page for sign-up. Enter the referral code below during sign-up. They will bring you to a page to download the app. 


Note: by using my referral link, you will receive US$25 CRO coin. I will receive US$25 in CRO once you reserved a metal visa card. Read more in S/N 2.

2. Upon logging in the app, if the referral code is not indicated, enter it again. 

  • To receive sign-up bonus of US$25, pls note that you will need to stake SGD$500 CRO coins
  • For more details, pls refer to the referral program here
  • As mentioned in blue font above, I am buying SGD$500 CRO since there's only one sign-up bonus in a lifetime 😂
  • Plus, staking SGD$500 worth of CRO coins gets me the Ruby Steel Visa card that'll give me 2% CRO cashback. There's also 12% cashback on groceries and even transport (more here).

3. Key in your details (take note to enter your full legal name).

4. Next, you'd be brought to a page informing you to standby your ID or passport.

5. Once you are done uploading your ID/passport and selfie, you will receive this prompt. I was expecting verification in 2-3 business day as they indicated....but I received a verification email within 10 minutes.
6. After seeing the verification success email, this was what greeted me in the app!
Proof of locked US$25 referral bonus

7. Interestingly, despite not having topped up anything yet, it showed me the US$25 referral bonus. This showed that my referral code was applied successfully! Note that to unlock this referral bonus, you will need to stake SGD$500 CRO coins. An email will inform you how much CRO coins is equivalent to this. 

SGD100 sign-up bonus

8. If you wish to only receive the SGD100 sign-up bonus, you just need to trade SGD100 worth of CRO! For my case, as mentioned above, by topping up SGD$500, I am unlocking both referral bonus of US$25 and SGD100. Plus, my intent is to receive the Ruby Steel Visa card for it's 2% cashback.

You can still get to earn the US$25 referral bonus once you top up to SGD500 worth of CRO so you can do this progressively/DCA in! 

How to purchase CRO coins 
You can also refer to their official guide here.

9. In order to purchase SGD$500 worth of CRO coins, click on coin and click "Buy CRO".

10. You can either purchase the CRO coins via Xfers or Credit Card. For my case, given that they have 3.5% fee waiver for the next 30 days, I am using credit card for the transaction. Enter your credit card details:

11. Once your details are entered, you can now purchase your coins! 

12. Remember the last step, to get the SGD100 bonus, you will need to fill up the form here!

Experience thus far
Sign-up was quick and seamless. UX of app is user-friendly. Topping up and payment was easy as well.

Looking forward to my bonus and application of my card! Stay tuned for the next update!