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The Squid Game

If you're on Netflix and don't know what to watch, I recommend "The Squid Game". This is a Korean suspense drama of only 9 episodes which I binge watched over the weekend. I'll leave the link to the trailer here.

In gist, it is a survival game where 456 players (all cash-strapped and in heavy debts) accept an invitation to compete in 6 rounds of games. The reward is 45.6 billion won (equiv to S$52 million) for the final winner.

PS: if you're on tiktok, there are way too many spoilers. Lucky I watched it when it was released. Pretty mind blowing seeing the hints that were already laid out throughout the show.

After the intense 9 episodes, I had several thoughts. Note that the reflections may contain spoilers to the show.

1. Do not subject yourself to financial difficulties. It leads to desperation

2. Human are greedy

3. In this world, it's every man for himself.

4. The world is a rich man's play, while the poor are treated as pawns.

5. The rich gets away with doing bad, while the poor becomes the scapegoats.

6. The rich justifies their actions as extensions of help. But is it genuine help or for show and to make them look good, feel good?

7. People trample over each other to win 

8. We are all working for someone else other than ourselves

As I watched the show, I linked similarities to the working world. The rich akin to management or people in power, the poor akin to working class shrimps/or little lambs like me. Like how people trample over one another at work by backstabbing and telling tales to the bosses, or openly takes credit for work done by the voiceless and meek colleagues. 

Like how those in power gets away with mistakes at work, and the bottom chain gets their mistakes magnified or become scapegoats. Like how people in power justifies what they do is to help their subordinates "gain exposure" or "grow their career", when it's in fact pushing dirty work down or a way to get them to fail to fire them.

There are no equal treatment at work. Only special treatment for those with power and connections.

I think I've seen quite a lot of dirty disgusting stuff at work that I can't help to link such inequality in the society, to a more micro level i.e at work. 



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