Rude shock from Klook ­čśístaycay byebye

I was anticipating my upcoming staycation when I received a rude shock from Klook...without any explanations.

Pissed with such an email, I msged Klook's helpdesk, only to be given template answers. After probing and waiting, I was told that JW Marriott's SHN is extended to 2022, hence the cancellation. 

I was extremely pissed with Klook. No explanations were given on this sudden refund and cancellation. I had to ask and their customer service were not understanding of my situation­čĄ«

While I empathise with the current situation, I'm peeved with Klook's (lacking) service. I am ok to postpone my hotel stay after 2022, but the Klook helpdesk told me the JW would not entertain postponement. Their iterations seem to put the blame that JW was the one who asked them to cancel bookings. Realising I can't put any sense to their helpdesk, I just quit the chat. Grrrrr!

Time to think where to spend my $100 SRV again. I guess I will have to stay away from staycations....