9.9 2021 Battle - Lazada or Shopee?

As a budget lady, I love getting my goods on sales. The competition between the online platforms are great for consumers given the discounts dangled.

Did you purchase anything for 9.9? Amongst the various platforms, which one did you use? 

Honestly, it's a headache to squeeze the best deal. You have to think which items are cheaper here, or there; which cc has additional promotions with the platforms plus gives you extra cashback; and when is the best timing to buy (most dangle special perks at strike of midnight).

Here's a brief sharing of my game plan leading up to 9.9. You gotta start early.
1. Make a list of the items you want to purchase and cart them

2. Collect all the vouchers you can get leading up to the event

3. Play their games for extra perks - for eg. I played a game called Lazzie Star on Lazada app and got a 19% discount voucher

4. Check out your carted items to see the special price on the event day (note - there are some fakes where the prices are MORE EXP on 9.9 than before.) 
5. Lock in your credit card details into your accounts so that the app can present to you the best payment combo
6. Stay up at midnight to unlock special prices. I realised for Lazada, items are cheaper at midnight, compared to buying on 9.9 morning. 

I did all of these and compared prices. In the end, instead of splitting my purchases across shopee or lazada, I decided to....
consolidate my purchases on Lazada

That's because Lazada gave me the best deals. Here's why:

  • Cheaper prices compared to shopee for the same items
  • $5 off $50 bonus
  • 19% Lazzie Star discount was a bonus as I've forgotten to claim it until my husband reminded me
  • $10 off $200 using HSBC cc

All in all, I saved $60+ on my manuka honey, vitamin c serum and dining plates purchases. 

If I had bought these at shopee, I would have paid $236.20, before the $20 credit card voucher. The credit card promotion of say $20 off $180 spend with Citibank cannot be stacked with their 12% cashback capped at 2,000 coins voucher. Even if I get back 2000 shopee coins (aka $20 cashback) for subsequent uses, I can't unlock it fully next time since I can only redeem a portion of my purchases with the coins. 

I feel that shopee is good for small purchases such as their 10 cents deal, cheap food vouchers and occasional free shipping for items. 

But for big purchases, it seems that Lazada still wins the game. 

Looking forward to getting my goods and.....the 11.11 event 😛