Part 3 - SGD$100 and NFT update

Quick update.

Just early this month, I shared the promotion here which ended on 22 Sep 2021. I've also blogged a part 2 about why I signed up. Interestingly, with the latest news on Binance, serves as an alternative for buying and earning coins.

Anyway, for those who took action after my post, check out your email from CRO! Here's the snapshot informing me about the incoming rewards! SGD100 CRO coins and my very first NFT! Whee~~~

I'll update next on how the NFT looks like once I get hold of it. Can't wait!

Referral reward

Unfortunately, the SGD$100 promotion has ended. However, if you are looking at as an alternative to Binance, do use my referral link or code below! You will get US$25 referral reward with S$500 CRO purchase (you dont have to buy it in one shot).