CakeDefi Part 2 - Update on my $100 experiment

Previously, I blogged about my S$100 experiment with CakeDefi.

After 3 weeks, here's the progress:

Unfortunately, DFI coin has dropped value (I got it at S$3.90) so the status check today isn't rosy. But hey, coins value move up and down. I'll just carry on!

Me thinks that the free US$30 reward is a decent bonus so I am fine to leave my SGD$100 there to do its magic. 

Snapshot of daily interest 

Plus, the platform is clean and easy to use. Interests per 12hours are recorded, so you can check it out everyday. I don't bother checking it much; will just leave it to roll.

As of today, staking DFI will give you 73.6% APY (note that the rate changes every 12 hours):

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