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Part 2 - perks and why I signed up

One week left till the sign-up bonus of SGD$100!

If you're clueless what I'm talking about, you can read more in my earlier post about the exciting promotion along with the registration guide.


In a bid to make things clearer, I've created a graphic map of WHY a account is useful and attractive for me with the boxes ticked as being most relevant for me

1. Sign-up promo (SGD100 + NFT) + Referral promo

Without a doubt, the main impetus to sign up an account was the SGD100 promotion. 

By being the first 100,000 new users to purchase SGD $100 CRO, I would get an equivalent SGD $100 CRO reward. 

Plus, I'd get my very first NFT “Lion Mooncake”. Curious to know how it looks like!

To maximise the rewards, I decided to stake SGD $500 CRO so that I can unlock the referral bonus of US$25 as well.

Total reward pending:
  • S$100 CRO from Mid-Autumn promo + $33 (equiv to US$25) CRO from referral code  = $133
  • Lion Mooncake NFT to be unveiled. Pls follow their steps on how to create your NFT account. It's very straightforward.

2. Metal Visa Cashback card

A) Metal card for vanity

I already knew of CRO visa card existence but didn't find the urge to sign up. Now that I've signed up for, and topped up SGD$500 CRO, I am now eligible for the Ruby Steel card!

B) 2% cashback on spending, local or overseas. With no minimum or maximum spending required.

I am not a hardcore music listener, so despite the reimbursed spotify funds, I will not be making use of this perk under the Ruby Steel tier.

That said, the 2% cashback (note that the returns come back in CRO coins which means value will fluctuate) will come in useful. 

Transactions made under these merchant categories or channels are excluded from the CRO Rewards program: digital wallets, digital banking services, crypto exchanges, stored value products, money remittance services, security brokers/dealers, insurance sales, underwriting and premiums, tax payments, government services, financial institutions, POI funding transactions, quasi cash, money orders - wire transfers.
C) Promotion of up to 12% cashback for groceries

One eye popping perk of their visa card is the cashback for groceries. This beats MANY credit cards hands down. Unfortunately, the promotion ends 30 Sept 2021. I hope they'll extend or roll out better offers for new users!

You can read more about the existing promotions here. 

3. Supercharger event - mining tokens

You might ask - what's the use of CRO coins? Beyond its appreciation of value, you'd be able to mine tokens with a minimum of 100 CRO.

At time of writing, there are AXS, BTC, SHIB, ENJ coins available. I've used a small part of my CRO to mine for AXS.

For more elaborate info on this, you may refer to their link here.

Referral reward

I hope this post gives you a better insight on the practical aspect of the CRO account/card. If you find the info useful, do sign up for the account before 22 Sept 2021 via my referral link or code here! You will get US$25 referral reward with S$500 CRO purchase (you dont have to buy it in one shot) and S$100 promotion with S$100 CRO purchase.



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