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My Endowus Plan - March Update

  Back in Jan, I  blogged about my SRS Game plan via Endowus here. Updated my Feb transaction in the blogpost here. Now that it's Mar, I'm glad to report a few more transactions into Endowus SRS This is my 3rd transaction for 2022. Entered because of the fall in tech stock prices and omninous signs of recession coming + stagflation. The amount is split between Dimensional Global Core and Emerging Markets Large Cap. Jan: $3,060 Feb: $3,060  Mar: $3,060 I'm only left with 2 more tranches of $3,060 this year to complete my $15,300 SRS contribution for tax relief. Seems a bit too hasty since I dont think we have seen the worse yet. This taught me to consider splitting my SRS entry into 12 transactions for 2023 - buying once every month! Amount pumped: $19,181 Results:  -0.53% CPF OA investment I also made two $2k separate transactions from my CPF OA via Endowus to buy into Lion Global Infinity US 500 Stock Index Fund. I was hoping to enter at the lowest price, but due to lag t

Surrendering my Etiqa 2.02% after 3 years

It has been a good 3 years. Back in 2019, I signed up for Etiqa's ELASTIQ plan which offers guaranteed 2.02% for the first 3 years . I started with $5k initial deposit first, and top up another $10k after since the interest rate environment then was bad. Interest dropped Now that 3 years is up, Etiqa has sent me an email informing of the revised interest down to 1.2% Dear Valued Customer, We hope you are keeping well and safe. As COVID-19 continues to disrupt financial markets and economies, the prolonged uncertainty has made it challenging to maintain the existing crediting rate and loyalty bonus of your policy. We wish to inform you that the existing crediting rate and loyalty bonus for your ELASTIQ policy will be revised as follows: Policy Number Revised Crediting Rate* after 3rd year Revised Loyalty Bonus Effective date : xxxxx : 1.20% per annum : 0.00% of the average monthly account value for the past 36 policy months : xxxxx *applicable to initial premium and top-up(s) At th