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Inching close to $200k stocks portfolio value. Free Disney stock for new Tiger Brokers holders

I had a few goals set (see left panel of my blog).  Some were unattainable, some came to fruition by time, effort and perhaps, luck. My newest goal was to hit $200k stocks portfolio value this year.  It took me 7 years to start investing proper. I used to be a mega saver. The pic below was my cash savings milestone. I think I did a great job in saving those amount! I mean, $300k cash at 30 pretty crazy. I even set a goal to save $600k by 35 . But I got woke.  I needed my money to work better. I saved through employment but I don't wish to be tied down by my job. I aim to stop working at 40. How I wished I started my investing journey earlier so I can quit now.  It was through  Tiger Brokers  that made investing easier to access foreign markets PLUS it is cheaper. I no longer have $300k cash. In fact, I'm trying to reduce it to $100k cash - and pile the rest into the market. As of today, I'm hitting close to $200k portfolio across Tiger Brokers and my CDP. Honestly,

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