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Cashing partial BTC out at 50%+ profit

My first foray into crypto was during the hype. Back in Feb 2021 During Feb 2021 to Jun 2022, I added in bit by bit - DCA as what they say. BTC, ETH, MATIC, SOL and even the horror LUNA. Thereafter, as crypto crashed, I stopped, praying one day it will rise back. And today, as I found that BTC is now at ATH, I decided to cash out 1/4 of my BTC for some profits. It's still a far cry from the amount I've lost, but I'm glad I could recoup some losses. Just to detail for my future reference, I transferred my BTC from ledger to coinbase. And sold my BTC on coinbase to SGD, incurring an atrocious fee of $130 and GST of $12. Gone are the days of cheap transaction fees.  Please let me know if there are wiser/cost effective options. In total, what I took back was a profit of 50%.  May BTC rise up more so I can cash out at 100% profit next. -dated 9 Mar 2024-