Part 5 - Happy news on CRO and Ruby Card

Ever since WFH, I haven't been suffering from Monday blues as much.
I guess I only hate Mondays because I need to step into the office.

Anyway, happy news to share.

Firstly, congrats to those who signed up for account when I posted about it (search my blog for tags). Back then, I shared about their amazing sign-up promotion where you'd get SGD$100 CRO coins back with SGD$100 deposited. If you've signed up when I spoked about them in Part 1-Part 4 of my posts, you'd have seen good % increase on your CRO token!

Personally, my CRO coins have now > doubled! As of writing, the price has reached ATH. However, because these are staked, I can't cash any profits out, but it feels good to see the price appreciation!😬

Secondly, belated news but I've gotten my Ruby Metal Card!
This is actually my 2nd metal card, the first being SCB X card that I signed 2 years back.

As of now, I've only used my card for transport to get back 2% cashback in CRO coins. Very puny returns given my MRT costs less than $2 to and fro lol....

That said, I've been on a credit card spring cleaning spree/cancelling my cards. I only hold Amex cashback, DBS Taka and cards. That's a far cry from the past! In fact, I hold none of these 10 cards now! I'd aim to apply new cards only if they dangle good sign-up bonus :)

As I cut back on my cards, I'm also cutting back on my spendings. Actually I haven't been spending much, hence decided to cut back my cards as it gets difficult to track my bills - chicken and egg. For now, if comes up with attractive grocery rebates like the past, I'd use it to maximise the returns.

US$25 referral bonus

If you are keen to sign up for account and card as well and dont have friends' link, you may use my referral link or the code below :) Currently, their referral is at US$25. Pls refer to more details from their official site here.


Alternatively, you may wish to wait for upcoming referral promotion and hopefully, will dangle new promos soon! I'll share if I come across those.