Pumping SGD$28k in HKEX and SGX the past 10 days and Fee comparison between DBS Vickers and Tiger Brokers

Just as I pumped in ~SGD$28k into the stock market in the past 10 days, the share prices dropped 🤦‍♀️

Anyway, ever since I blogged about my $300k cash savings, it has been at the back of my mind that I may be too heavy in cash.

It's a great safety net, but because of the poor interest rates across savings accounts, I seem to be "losing money". 

With the entrance of Tiger Brokers (see my guide here and here), it gave me an impetus to enter foreign stock markets - because of their low transaction fee and given how sluggish SG market is. US market is one of the hottest market to enter, but for the past days, it has been rallying so high that I don't bear to enter. Despite the drop today, I'm still waiting for the time to enter🤭

As such, I decided to enter the HK stock market and pumped in ~SGD$23k. Don't ask me where my courage came from but I guess I didn't want to sit around and miss out the chance since the March market dip. Who knew things would go even south after I bought my stocks 😂

However, since I'm buying for long-term, I shall TRY to look at the current paper losses indifferently. 

Comparison of fees: DBS Vickers Cash-upfront account vs Tiger Brokers

Prior to using Tiger Brokers, I have been using DBS Vickers to trade local stocks. I've been using the cash-upfront account and the rates are as stated:

DBS Vickers Cash Upfront Account allows you to enjoy preferential commission rate of 0.12%, minimum SGD10 when you trade via DBS/POSB iBanking for all Singapore trades.

I decided to buy into the SPDR STI ETF through Tiger Brokers to take advantage of the low fees.

This is what Tiger Brokers charge:

Actual fee comparison for my SPDR STI ETF purchase

Here's the breakdown of the costs between DBS Vickers Cash-upfront vs Tiger Brokers. As you can see, I saved $6.34 by buying through Tiger Brokers - essentially, I'm saving on the commission and GST since trading fee and clearing fee by SGX are fixed.

Stock voucher to offset

Other than the lower fees, using Tiger Brokers meant I get to offset my purchases through the $70 stock voucher (see step 5 in the link here on how I got my voucher).

My ~SGD$28k stocks 

Here's a show-hand of my account (note that it's in USD), my losses after things went south, and the $70 cash rebate. I received the $70 cash today (1 day after I bought my STI). No idea why there's an extra $0.01 😬


If you are keen to use Tiger Brokers and you'd like to receive stock vouchers to offset your stocks purchases, kindly use my referral link, code (SBSL8) or scan the QR code to sign up😊

Btw, with that, I no longer have $300k cash savings 😊 Time to work harder to achieve my goal of $600k cash by 35.


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