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My beginner's guide to setting up Tiger Brokers

I've been seeing a number of articles recommending Tiger Brokers the past 2 months. I'm not investment savvy, but I don't want to miss out a good deal given that there's a National day promo going on. 

I only set up my account yesterday night and could start trading today. However, despite the fast speed, I must say it got really confusing at the start.

Hence, here's my attempt to create a beginner's guide to setting up your Tiger Brokers based on my experience.

Steps via mix of desktop + mobile version (my method)

Using desktop for online account opening

1. I first signed up for my account on the desktop using a referral link (click here for mine or key in my code SBSL8) as I find it easier to type on my computer. Btw, you can use your mobile throughout. This is just my method :) 

Using the referral link, you will get the rewards shown in the picture above, especially the stock voucher to offset your stock purchases. For info, I've gotten $70 voucher as I deposited $10,001 (read more at step 3 and 6)