Shifting from CIMB Fastsaver to Singlife

In my earlier post, I shared the breakdown of my $300k+ cash with most of it parked in CIMB Fastsaver.

That was because CIMB Fastsaver was giving out 1% interest without me having to jump through hoops. However, the rates have now revised downwards to an effective 0.825%.

I was suddenly reminded that Singlife not only provides 2.5% for the first $10k, but also awards 1% for the next $90k. As such, I've decided to transfer up to $100k to Singlife. 

I've been using Singlife for the past 2 months. However, I've only been putting $10k to receive the 2.5% interest which is 🤯

Each month, I look forward to seeing the interest generated. For the past 2 months, I've been getting $20.28 and $20.95....and withdrawing it out immediately LOL. The good thing about Singlife is you can withdraw and top up any time without penalty. It will also provide death benefit on your account value.

It's really good money and I've even gotten my mum to sign!

$10 referral

If you are keen to sign up and receive $10, pls 

  • Click on this link via your mobile 📱
  • You'd be brought to download the Singlife app
  • Create a singlife ID
  • Order your visa debit card (it's free) and activate it!
Pls remember to load $10,000 to receive the 2.5% interest! If you have spare cash lying around, you can only consider topping up the next $90k to enjoy the 1% interest!

Once done, you and I will receive $10 in the Singlife account😊


  1. I did the same too. Just curious why did you withdraw the interest amount from the Account instead of leave it there to accumulate interest (even though it’s @ 1-% only)?

    1. Because it only hit me two days back that the amount beyond $10k earns 1%! I thought it was 0% 🤦‍♀️


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