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Husband & Wife's Budget Skin and Body care products for less than $100

I'm not fussy about the products I use but it has to be VALUE FOR MONEY. Ask me to rattle the names of the ingredients and I'll tell you I have no clue. However, I make it a point to avoid products with paraben. Whether it helps prevent us from getting cancer, I'm not sure, but if I can avoid it, I'll try to lah.

3 years ago, I shared about my budget skincare routine here.

3 years on, I reckon it's time for me to refresh my sharing - not just to include the budget body care products I use, but to share what my husband uses along with me!😊

Below are the list of items my hubby and I use along with their indicative prices. A pity we can't head to JB anytime soon as some items can be bought there at a slightly cheaper price!

I alternate these 2 facial cleansers as I read that I'm not supposed to use AHA product daily (you can read more about the benefits of AHA here).
Dr. Morita Moisturizing Face Wash | Shopee Singapore
Once to twice a week, I'd apply the clay mask after cleansing my face. Given how big and cheap the products are, I'd apply the black sugar scrub on my body to exfoliate as well. There's a few versions to choose from, but the ones I'm using are below. I bought these 2 years back in JB and till date, I still have quite a lot left haha!
Here's a tip - I usually buy refills as it is cheaper! It's supposedly more environmentally friendly too. 
I've used eversoft for years and tried all flavours except lavender (cause I hate lavender smell). My personal favourite is the yuzu one

I got to know more about Sukin when I went to Australia and was hooked that their products were paraben free. The prices were really affordable as well! Comparatively, Singapore prices are not that cheap, but because it's paraben free, I've been using the Hydrating version for close to 2 years. 
Sukin Natural Hydrating Shampoo | Hair Care 1L | Sukin Naturals

I've blogged about this 3 years ago and till date, I'm still using this brand. While some people says toners can be skipped, I'm too used to slapping it on after I cleanse my face, otherwise I feel my pores are not reduced! I have always been using the rose petal version but you can try out other versions too!

Ok, this is a product that I don't scrimp on as it is really suitable for me. 
When I was younger, I used to be really cheapo by using sample skincare products. While they didnt do much harm to my face, I didnt feel any skin improvements either. Some gave me milia seeds so I stopped. That was when I tried a sample from Origins and it blew my mind. It is rich enough for my face, yet doesn't cause break outs. A 75ml tube has lasted me more than 1 year - till date, I still have half tube left. A 5 cents scoop is good enough for my whole face. 

For this, since it is expensive, I usually buy during promotions. 


Body Moisturiser - Sukin Men Moisturiser 225ml $9
Yes, I use men's products😛I bought this for my hubby in Aussie because it's paraben free and smells of citrus🍊🍋 but he seldom use it! Since the Origins moisturiser is expensive, I'd use this Sukin one for my neck and arms. $9 goes a long way man. Now I miss Australia 😢A similar product cost $18 online...goodness!
Buy Sukin For Men Moisturiser 225ml Online at Chemist Warehouse®


And there you have it - my hubby and my skincare and body care products for less than $100, which can go a long way!

Prices provided are indicative as of 1 Aug 2020 and you may even find cheaper deals after adding in promo codes!

If you've a better lobang, do share with me!

Till then!


  1. For someone who is extremely bad at these things, this is one of the most important post in 2020 i read.

    1. 😊hope it gave you good ideas on the affordable brands and products to buy!


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