Adulting starts. ~$2.2k Monthly Household Bills, Referral Codes (MyRepublic, Sembcorp, Circles Life) and $7k top-up to SA

My official adulting started when I moved into my own crib.

Older folks will probably laugh at the Millennials. Yes, I won't dispute the fact that we have been well pampered by our parents. I know very well that despite not growing up in a middle-income family, my mum has spoilt us by doing practically everything for us. For that, I'm super grateful.

So, with the move to my new home comes new responsibilities in the new year. Honestly, it hasn't been that bad living an independent life. Sure I dont get breakfast or hot meals prepared at every meal time, nor things get magically cleaned, I am getting used to this life. I guess that's because I'm not a stickler for super clean house (I can live with organised mess lol and have yet to unpack all my items HAHA), and I have modern gadgets to save my life, such as:
  • robot cleaner to clean the floor everyday
  • filtered water so there's no need to boil water
  • instant hot water
  • washing machine that's on when we reach full load
  • electric laundry rack that makes drying clothes more fun
  • induction hob which is wayyyy better than gas hob - cleaning is a breeze, and food gets cook quickly plus there's timer function
  • steamer which makes me question why I need an induction hob since I dont really cook
If anyone is keen, let me know and I can blog about the cost of my household items :)

Anyway, despite having my own home with cooking accessories, I've been pretty much eating like a poor student lol. I thought I'd have more joy cooking, but I rather sit in front of my laptop browsing videos. When meal time comes, I cook simple cheap blob meals like steaming sweet potato and broccoli; or cooking korean ramen to which my bro said - "you are so rich, but you live like a beggar". Can't deny how cheapo I am, because I don't bear to spend extra $ on grabfood delivery charges 🤭I am also amazed (not) at how lazy I am to not head down to dabao food hahaha

Also, having our own home meant lesser trips outside. I don't crave heading out to fancy restaurants or cafes anymore. Maybe it's an age thing or I've had enough so it's no longer a novelty. That would give me more reasons to save my $$ because............I've got a lot more things to pay for!

Bills to pay ~$2.2k/month

Now that I've my own house, the number of bills just keep rolling. Thus far, I've:
  • MyRepublic broadband Ultra 1 Gbps @ $38.69 (use my link to enjoy this price plus free wifi router and free home voice subscription. UP $42.99)
  • Sembcorp electrical bill at 0.165 $/kwh (you can use my referral code @ XJKRDXH5 to get $20 bill rebate), est $50/month
  • SP water bill and refuse removal ~$16 (will be higher since I havent stayed a full month)
  • Circles Life hp bill @ only $7/month x2 (use my code K2SOBZK5 to get $38 off registration fee + 3-months free Unlimited Data add-on)
  • Monthly housing payment of ~$1900
  • Town council fee ~$100
These does not include:
  • Annual Property taxes for 2019 and 2020 (~$17/month)
  • Insurance 
    • NTUC Enhanced Income Preferred ~$167/month for 2
    • AVIVA Mindef Group Insurance ~$45/month for 2
  • Income tax split into 12 mths instalment ~$290/month for 2
  • Monthly transport of $200 for 2
  • Monthly allowance of $1000 to parents
  • Groceries which I dont have a good estimate yet, est $100/month
  • Food est $500/month for 2
These will already push our monthly expenses to >$4.5k 😱

Guess I can't say I want to quit my job on a whim!
On a side note, I have also made a $7k cash top-up to my SA. This will be my 5th year topping up my SA and probably the first time I made a top-up in Jan to maximise the interest. This will bring my total CPF closer to $150k :)


  1. Congrats on moving out! It's like that at the start but you will get used to the monthly household bills. All the best!:)

  2. interested to know more about your filtered water machine.


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