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Maturing 2.02% endowment and 1.85% fixed deposits

I was running through my finances and realised there are some plans I purchased years ago that will mature very soon.

Honestly, I've no idea time could pass so quickly. Back then, hitting 2020 seems like a dream. Now that we are living 2020, it does feel like a dream - a scary dream since Jan 2020 where the world turned upside down.

I guess I need to thank myself for the "foresight" to purchase those plans back then. Who would have known that interest rate could have gone so low today?

On the other hand, maturing plans meant I've nowhere to park these money except my usual savings accounts where interest rates are slashed. That's something to ponder over 🤔

Here's my plans that are maturing:

FWD 2.02% Plan

Back in 2017, I blogged about this plan. I'd be seeing the $927 interest in August!

CIMB 1.85% FD

Majority of my money are placed in low-risk FD. 

I purchased the 1.85% FD plan back in Jul 2019. I then bought another 1.85% FD plan in Sep 2019

With $20k pumped in then, I'd be getting $370 interest. 


Etiqa ELASTIQ 2.02% plan

Another notable plan that I've been sharing in my blog here, here and here is the ELASTIQ 2.02% plan.

I purchased the plan last year and will get to cash them out next year. So far, I've been earning good interest monthly, and I love how it prompts updates to me via SMS every month ❤️

Unfortunately, the 2.02% plan is no longer valid. However, the existing rate at 1.80% is still attractive given the low rates offered by fixed deposits or bonds! You can read more about the plan here to do your own research. 

The alternative is the Tiq 3-Year Endowment Plan that gives 2.10% p.a. I'm considering this plan and will likely purchase it. There's also $50 cashback given for minimum $100k premium paid.

If you are keen on etiqa's plans, do key in my code below!


If you have other good lobang, do share them with me! 😊


  1. Thanks for this share on the 3year endowment plan by Tiq! I will definitely find out more on this.

    Coincidentally, I am on a quest for yield too..

    There's this China Taiping 3year endowment plan too but at 2.05.. less than Tiq's. I did a personal review on it. Feel free to check it out on my blog if interested


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