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Sep updates - finding new jobs, loaded up SRS + OA on Endowus

This month has been rather unpleasant.

2022 probably isn't a good year for me. I look at my past posts and it's generally negative. Perhaps the macro environment affected me personally.


I was complaining last month that I've subscribed to quiet quitting. Due to some changes at work, it made me see things clearer - that my boss sucks, the role is not gaining me any skillsets, and I need to move.

So I started applying for jobs. Rather aggressively. So far, I've submitted 26 applications, got called up for 5 and got into 2nd round for 4. 

I wonder if I should wait for my end year bonus. But I'm also doubtful whether I'd get any bonus. I don't feel my boss appreciates my work enough and I may well get 0. 

However, I figured I should just see what leads me and decide one step at a time. It doesn't seem to be a good time to find jobs now. What's more, I've been hearing layoff news and this means the job market will be inundated with younger unemployed folks fighting for the limited pool. 

I can only pray for myself.


Market has been red this week. Decided to load up my SRS and CPF OA transactions on Endowus.


  • Jan: $3,060
  • Feb: $3,060 
  • Mar: $3,060
  • Apr: $2,000
  • May: $2,000
  • Sep: $1,060
Amount pumped: $24,241 (back in 2021, I've pumped $10,001)
Results: -14.54%

CPF OA investment

  • Jan: $1,000 + $1,000
  • Feb: $2,000
  • Mar: $2,000 + $2,000
  • Apr: $1,000 + $2,000 + $2,000
  • May: $5,000 + $1,000
  • Jun: $2,000
  • Jul: $2,000
  • Sep: $2,000
Each transaction has fees of $2.68.

Amount pumped: $23,180.95
Results: -5.46%

Overall for Endowus: -10.11%

Net Worth

Sucks to say, it has dropped to $655k which is the lowest in 2022. 

I hope for miracles and better things to happen.


Endowus Referral

If you are keen to embark on Endowus using your SRS, CPF OA or even cash, you may wish to use my link to enjoy $20 in Access Fee credit (equivalent to $10,000 advised free, assuming Access Fee of 0.40%).


  1. All the best Cherry. you're much way ahead as compared to most of the peers your age! If you wish to see if there are any roles that interest you in the Public Healthcare Sector, let me know =)


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