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To go or not to go?

I'm not actively looking for a job. So when I received a call for an interview, I was puzzled. Turns out, I applied for this position months ago.

I'm in my first job and feels comfortable with what I have now. The first 2 years were tough. High turnover led me to covering the roles of colleagues until we got people in, trained new colleagues who are much older and "experienced" plus expensive, feeling stressed out from the deadlines and non-existent SOPs, feeling angry because of messy instructions from different bosses who sometimes can't make up their minds, knowing that I'm not paid as well as others, having crappy colleagues who create politics, gossips and do not cooperate and the list goes on. There were times when I felt like giving up. But I knew I can't because, as a fresh grad, there's not much places for me to go. I wouldn't hire people who jumps around within 1-2 years, much less do it myself. And so, I shouldered on.

As I got the hang of things, and received stamps of approval from the bosses, things got easier. They have trust and faith in me because I get things done efficiently. I value-add to my team and I take the lead despite working for only 2yrs +. The high turnover and my resilience to stay put put me in good standing because I got good performance results which translated to monetary rewards. I was pleased because my pay increased quite a far bit and I've overtook peers of the same age.

But sometimes, I'll wonder if I should seek pastures on the other side. As a risk averse person, I'm not sure if the pasture would be greener on the other side, given that I'm rather sure my pasture now is rather green. But I'm not sure if I'm learning the right things and my direct boss does not seem to care about my career. I knew I had to take charge of my own career but it brings me down to,

What do I want?

I know my main motivation to work is $. I feel motivated when I receive good monetary rewards not just in terms of bonuses, but also looking forward to a higher paycheck. Over here, I started with a low pay, but managed to overtake some peers because of the recognition given by my bosses.

I want to be recognised and respected. I want people to look up to me and acknowledge that I'm an expert in my area of work. I want them to know that I'm good. Over here, not only my bosses, my other colleagues recognise and respect me because I work above and beyond my scope.

I also want to be able to go home on time. I understand that there are many people who have to bring their work home and slog like a cow just to clear finish their work. There was a period of time when I had to do so as I was covering multiple duties. It was so demoralising and I wonder why I'm spending so much time and effort in a low-paid job.  But things got better now and I usually am able to go home on time. I will stay back or reach office early when there are urgent things to be cleared.

I want to learn new things. I feel that there are much more things to learn and wishes to gain more knowledge in other scopes of work. I want to learn in a more structured environment with strong guidance from direct supervisor, but it appears that there are no good place to go. Based on my conversations with people, their ex-companies are equally messy and turnovers are equally high. It seems like there are nowhere else good to go? Over here, we can take charge of our own training needs and my boss is flexible in terms of the courses I want to attend. However, the work procedures here are messy and our bosses sometimes can't make up their minds. They are even more risk averse and exemplifies the Singaporean traits of kiasu and kiasi. Yet, they are very nice to me and they've occasionally spoke to me about my career plans.

I also hope to work in a place free of politics. The previous team was crappy and I felt no sense of belonging. They mix in cliques and do not cooperate well with each other. They spread rumours and fight to win the bosses' heart. It only got better when the new team came in. The new team treats each other with respect and we work well together. If I leave, this is something I'll miss should the next team be made up of unkind and political people which are aplenty.

Back to the interview. I'm not sure if I should try going for it. Should I see how I fare and what I'm worth? I've heard that the place has high turnover, which is why they're eagerly recruiting now. But I've also heard that their remuneration package could be more attractive.

I just can't make up my mind.


  1. I was on four different career paths within a span of seven years since graduation. My longest stint is the one I am having now. There is no harm to check out what the prospective employer has to offer. But bear in mind that the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Good luck!

    1. Hi, thanks for sharing :) still thinking..

  2. I do think changing jobs after a few years in the role is good for the career since you gain different work experience in other organisations. No harm going for the interview to gauge your market vale at this stage. It's your decision in the end but there seems to be some form of politics no matter what organisation one is working at!

    1. Hi, yeah, perhaps not now. Have decided to stay put for a while. Don't think I want to join them even if they make the offer

  3. Since you have managed to get recognition and respect in your current job and a great team, is it wise to leave? Unless the new company is a great company then it might be worth going for the interview. I think if there is still to learn and you are enjoying working in your current company, good to stay for a while before you decide otherwise. :)

  4. I think it takes a lot for one to leave a job because of relationships with bosses, colleagues and staff. When all 3 are no longer favourable, it's definitely time to go. What is less certain is when some are ok, others not. Difficult decision.

    1. Yes. As of now, the relationships with them are ok. It's a clear cut YES to leave if my rs with them are soured. But now, it is just moving for higher pay and learning in new environment. Whether I get a higher pay or learn new things, that's uncertain..

  5. Just want to say from personal experience - when its messy or there is a crisis, it also means its a good opportunity.....if you can fix it. This will go down well in your resume and elevate you to management position in bigger companies.
    If everything is good and smooth, then there is nothing to show in terms of performance when you go for the big position jump later.
    For me, work as hard as possible, climb the ladder as fast as possible. Save and be financially free so that one can retire early.....before 50. And I had done it.

    1. Will keep your words in mind. I'll aim to be like you


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