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My unhealthy WFH lifestyle

WFH has been wrecking up my mental and physical health.

Here's how my day-day life looks like. Honestly, it's so predictable and standardised, I could type it down quickly.


My day starts at 7.30am - 8.20am vs 7 - 7.15am ages ago when I've to report in office. 
Brush teeth, don't even comb hair (if there's no zoom), don't even change clothes or bathe, and plonk myself in front of my laptop.
Start work at 8.30am - saw most colleagues offline - most of them only starts at 9am, #win
Frowning as I see the number of emails and follow-ups; trying to clear each obstacle at a time so I'd left with 0 email at end day.
Work, work, work until sometimes I forgot about lunch time, until Hubby knocks on the door and ask me - Today eat what?

Lunch time

Either dabao or cook some random unhealthy meals like maggie mee. Try to make it more healthy by adding broccoli.
No, I dont do meal preps. No, despite having this lifestyle for the past 2 months, I still don't learn and prepare what we should eat for meals.
Gosh, I fail at adulting.
When work gets shitty, I sometimes eat in front of my laptop.

Lunchtime in office during generous times can start from 12pm-2pm. HOHO, but most of the time, we'd grab lunches from 1-2pm. At least I get to escape my laptop for that short while.

Then it's continuous work till 6pm. Sometimes I forgot the time or needs to clear that bloody email/task and work till 7pm. But I try very much to end at 6.15pm - and sulk that I've spent more time working than living life. Anyways...

Dinner time

Ah lao will ask - Now eat what? 
Gosh, why is it so difficult to think of what to eat? That's because we are running out of choices! It's the same old food downstairs. I aint a kitchen goddess - my husband must be thinking why he married me! 
Most of the times, we dabao. Or cook some pasta, porridge, or whatever we can find in the fridge.

After 6.30pm/dinner

Regains some me-time. We'd plonk ourselves on the sofa and watch some shows. Previously we were watching "The World of the Married". Now that it's over, nothing much to watch liao, any recommendations? 
We'd browse youtube for cooking shows - HAH! We LOVE watching cooking videos - I guess you could say we are deprived of good food and had to resort to imagining our maggie mee is as delicious as the kimchi jigae youtubers cook! - or watch some Running Man to laugh our stress away.

Bedtime at 11-12am


Weekends get even lazier. I'm glad that the initial stages of WORKING DURING WEEKENDS are now over. I'd go crazy with that. 

The day could start at 8am. Sometimes we'd tell ourselves the previous night - let's go for a run -  but that never happen. For one, I hate running. For two, I'm just lazy. 

We could spend the next half to one hour on bed, scrolling our phone. "Hey Google, what's the news today?" - we'd get google to share the latest news while scrolling through facebook and instagram. I tried using tiktok but got bored of it after a while and I think instagram is more interesting- shit, I'm going to be a dinosaur. I can't keep up with the times anymore.

Breakfast could be eggs, bread, jam. Plus a cup of milo or soy bean milk. Nothing much has changed. 

We'd slump onto the sofa and think about what to watch on the smart TV - no, we've not watch the local TV at all since we lived together. 

Every 2 weeks, we'd wash the laundry and toilets. Cleaning the floors? Nah, the robot cleaner does its job everyday - seriously, go get one to save your time and life! I talked about it here and here

Lunch and dinner

As much as I'd love to boast how wonderful our meals are, most of the time, it's just normal dabao food. Occasionally, we'd have bubble tea, or I'd make muah chee, tapioca balls, tangyuan, just to feed my piggy husband's sweet tooth. 

The time just pass like that and it's time to head back to sleep.


After some reflection, this lifestyle is not different from when I was working in office. The main differences are:
- groom myself for work, if not I look like gwee
- to commute to work
- more choices in terms of food, but day in day out, also sama-sama la
I still don't exercise, and my weekends are still as nua. I don't have that many friends, so the physical interactions with friends are not that big a difference to begin with.

Actually, WFH or not, it's just me. I just lack discipline to improve myself.

What about you? Have your WFH life been drastically different? Or is it about the same as before?


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